Shredding sadness

by CynthiaYockey on January 5, 2013

Turning blockers into boosters, day 5: This morning I was enthusiastic about clearing clutter from the living room and den but had an instant change in my priorities when I found a flea on our cat, Polar Bear. One of my perennial blockers is the experience of an emergency, illness or even death of a loved one happening at exactly the time when I was happily about to do something for my own progress: so very, very “It’s a Wonderful Life,” where James Stewart has to deal with a crisis just as he was about to fulfill one of his own dreams. (By the way, I am aware that my loved ones do not die on purpose to thwart me or steal focus.)

Luckily, I remembered that in the extensive Q&A forum available to me as a graduate of Stuart Lichtman’s Super Achievement Coaching Program,* one of the questions was posed by a man having the same experience: something seemed to come out of the blue to torpedo his plans so often he was practically suicidal. Stuart walked him through using a process he describes in his e-book called the Base Reframe. So that was the process I should have reviewed and done today, but, um, the cats have been scatttering and tearing up those papers so the little table and work area I dedicated to that will take at least an hour to get organized and orderly again. That’s part of the de-cluttering I have planned for the next few days. The “torpedo out of the blue” blocker does make me despair, so I’m at least glad to know I have tools I can use to clear that pattern. It beats feeling helpless and hapless.

In the meantime, I was off the to vet for some Frontline. I cared for my father and did chores in the afternoon. In the evening when I finally got back to my de-cluttering project, I needed to clear a space on the bookshelves in my father’s office and found a stack of folders of old financial records. So I spent the evening trying to listen to a Downton Abbey marathon over the sound of a shredder. As I destroyed the documents with the intention of letting go of the past, I had the sense of shredding the sadness in them, and of clearing the way for achievements and prosperity.

I hope as I continue this project that I will be able to gather a group of dear gentle readers to be a mastermind group, sharing experiences and encouraging one another. I haven’t quite sorted out how to do that and would welcome reactions and suggestions.

*If the SACP is too pricey, I’ve also taken the Dream Achiever Program and it is excellent.

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