Clutter clearing home stretch

by CynthiaYockey on January 30, 2013

I apologize for the long lapse in posting. I wanted to post every day in 2013 on clearing blockers, which for the first five days of the year I did, although fairly close to midnight. So on January 6, around 11:40 pm, I tried to log in to write my daily post and discovered my web host was down. Well played, universe.

Instead of just picking up with my posting the next day, I adopted a “Screw it” attitude, which is a blocker. But I also buckled down on clearing the clutter in my work environment and finances. With some luck and a good night’s sleep, I’ll finish tomorrow. Then I have to put my father’s and my finances for 2012 into Quicken, write thank-you e-mails to everyone who has ever sent me a donation and do the Objective Process exercises recommended by Stuart Lichtman.

I’m also gathering the tools and creating the materials to create a conservative mastermind club for my dear gentle readers. If you can hit the tip jar, I would appreciate it and you will be helping it come into being faster. Thank you.

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