The laundry room door revelation

by CynthiaYockey on January 4, 2013

Turning blockers into boosters, day 4: I didn’t do any blocker-transforming processes today. I figure the blocker to clear for that has to do with going to bed on time — I was up until 2 am reading conservative blogs, which meant I got up late and had trouble getting going. I spent most of the day doing errands.

But this evening I was able easily to do a project that I have been blocked on since I moved back home with my father over six years ago — chisel out bit of the laundry room door frame so I could move the latch hole and strike plate down 3/8 inch so the door will close. When my anxiety disorder had me totally in its grip, I’d have been too frightened to do this. But this week, I checked Google for advice and came up with a plan. I went to the local hardware store and was lucky enough to have a salesman guide me to wood epoxy instead of flimsy wood putty. I managed to do neat work with my chisels instead of the hack job I’d been afraid of doing. With overwhelming anxiety, this simple job was impossible for me. Without anxiety, it was easy and fun.

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