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by CynthiaYockey on December 8, 2017

Steven Crowder, Cynthia Yockey and Chris Loesch at CPAC 2012 after Steven and Chris performed their new rap song, "Mr. America!!" HuffPo published a photo of me dancing to the music at the back of the room.

Steven Crowder, Cynthia Yockey and Chris Loesch at CPAC 2012 after Steven and Chris performed their new rap song, “Mr. America!!” The Huffington Post tried to smear them as racist using a photo of me dancing while they sang. It blew up in their face when Warner Todd Huston pointed out that they were the ones who were prejudiced because they were mocking a conservative lesbian! Check out my Dec. 11, 2017, interview with Steven for “Louder with Crowder” on CRTV about a Maryland lawsuit that demonstrates how the transgender coup has gotten control of public schools. But first, please donate by clicking my PayPal.Me link because that’s the most powerful way you can fight the transgender coup right now!

UPDATE, January 1, 2018: An expected check for work is still delayed. I need to raise $600 and pay all three months of my overdue internet bill on Jan. 2 or my internet will be turned off on Jan. 3. If you want to fight transgender activists, donate to me as generously as you can now because I’m putting secular arguments against the transgender agenda into the hands of conservatives so truth can win: just click here for my PayPal.Me link.

Transgender activists have conducted a successful coup of the public schools to recruit your children to become transgender. It affects everyone because transgender activists want your children to be taught in their biology class that the binary sexes do not exist–they claim sex is a fluid social construct, not an immutable reality.

In 2018, transgender activists’ next target is state legislatures and the Human Rights Campaign is pouring $26 million into federal, state, and local candidates who support imposing the reality-destroying transgender activist agenda. They will be canvassing door-to-door with lies that will go unopposed unless my readers generously see me through.

My upcoming book will expose the truth about the transgender activist movement, show you how it harms everyone, including transgender people, and tell you what you can do to undo the transgender coup. Its title is War in the Women’s Room: How to Get Men in Dresses Out of Women’s Spaces, Save Your Children from Confusion About Their Sex, and Undo the Transgender Coup, and it will be published by DANGEROUS Books. I’ll also be writing for the Bombthrowers blog of the Capital Research Center, a conservative investigative think tank, and Milo’s new news site, DANGEROUS.

But right now I’m stuck and have to ask for your help. Please donate as generously as you can by clicking here for my PayPal Me link.

I will send every donor a report listing what they can do to undo the transgender coup. UPDATE: I’ve received some donations but can’t send the donors their report because PayPal doesn’t include their e-mail address. To ensure I can e-mail you a thank you note with the report attached as a PDF, please put your e-mail address in the comment box in the donation window that pops up when you click the PayPal.Me link.

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I’m doing my work fighting the transgender coup by writing my book and for Bombthrowers, and soon, DANGEROUS. Right now this blog is where I can send readers who want to help me by donating. That’s why this post is a few weeks old–I’m doing my primary work on my book and elsewhere for larger audiences.

In February 2018, Dangerous Books will publish my book, War in the Women’s Room: How to Get Men in Dresses Out of Women’s Spaces, Save Your Children from Confusion Ab0ut Their Sex, and Undo the Transgender Coup.

Are you saying to yourself right now, “What transgender coup?”

Powered by a coalition of wealthy leftist non-profits, transgender activists have seized control of social media, magazines, news media, teachers’ unions, public schools, and universities, mostly by establishing policies that make it hate speech and bullying to say things like “women don’t have penises,” “men don’t have babies,” and “nothing changes your sex.”

In New York City, if you call a transgender person by his or her correct, biological pronoun, your landlord, co-op, or condo association will throw you out of your home in order to avoid being fined up to $250,000 by the New York Human Rights Commission. Your employer can fire you for the same reason. Why did transgender activists target New York City to compel speech? When you control speech in New York City, you control it for the world, since it is a center for the publishing and entertainment industries, major stock exchanges, investment and finance companies, and the location of the headquarters of many corporations and the United Nations.

In California, if you are a nursing home or intermediate care provider, you can be fined $1,000 and thrown in jail for a year for calling a patient by his or her correct pronouns. If a man in a dress wants to share a room with a woman, and use the women’s restrooms, it’s the women who have to pound sand.

In the school systems throughout the U.S. where transgenders activists have gotten their anti-woman, anti-gay, child-converting policies adopted, girls are not allowed to object to showering with naked boys with erections, or to complain about being forced to compete with boys in girls’ sports, or to use the correct male pronouns for a boy in a dress, because those policies take away her rights and make it hate speech if she objects to the theft. Those boys, her teachers, and school administrators can ruin her life by recording accusations of transphobia in her permanent record and may even send her to jail for harassment.

Please donate as generously as you can to support my work. As a conservative lesbian, I’m in a unique position to lead the battle against the destructive, totalitarian transgender activist agenda because the left can’t attack me with bogus claims of prejudice without committing real acts of prejudice themselves. Also, in my book I have created a win-win agenda that will protect women and children without harming the rights of transgender people. But right now the payment for work I’ve done that would cover my bills this month is indefinitely delayed. I don’t know how I’m going to keep the lights and heat on, never mind the Internet connection I need to do my work and finish my book.

Please click the PayPal button below and donate as generously as you can because I will send every donor a personal thank you email and attach a PDF report on the easy ways you can help undo the transgender coup. Thank you!

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