Transgender activists fight counting real women in the U.K.’s 2021 census data

by CynthiaYockey on October 8, 2017

Four questions the United Kingdom Equalities and Human Rights Commission proposes to have the supposed social construct of gender replace biological sex as one of the traits tracked in the United Kingdon's 2021 census questionnaire.

“EHRC” stands for the U.K. Equalities and Human Rights Commission. These are the questions they propose to replace recording the biological sex of every person counted in the U.K.’s 2021 census with the supposed social construct of gender, otherwise known as a person’s taste in clothes and activities as seen through the filter of sexual stereotypes.

My new book, War in the Women’s Room: How to Get Men in Dresses Out of Women’s Spaces and Save Your Children from Confusion about Their Sex, will be published in a few months by Milo Yiannopoulos’s new company, Dangerous Books. I will be linking news items here to educate my readers about the dangers of the transgender activist agenda. My book will go into these dangers in more depth and explain why transpeople don’t have to destroy reality, women, children, lesbians, and gays to accomplish their stated goals. I’ll also examine the gap between the stated goals of transgender activists and the ones they actually pursue.

We are in a post-transgender age now: if people believe they can solve their problems with drugs and surgery, they will find a way to get drugs and surgery. They have the right to do that for themselves. But society must draw the line when they demand the right to force the world to exalt their “social construct” over the reality of the biological sexes because it is impossible to change your sex. Is there a win-win way forward that provides a path for transgender people to exist without destroying the existence and rights of others? Yes, and I explain it in my book.

However, transgender activists have just scored a major victory in the U.K. in obliterating the reality of the biological sexes, according to The Sunday Times (paywall):

The UK is to become one of the first countries in the world not to require its citizens to let officialdom know what sex they are.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is proposing to make the sex question in the next census voluntary, after protests that it discriminates against transgender and other non-binary people.

The protests that this erases women are being ignored. It’s not great for men, either, but women are hit harder because the majority of the transgender activism is about getting  transgender-identified men (TIM) who present themselves as women into women’s spaces, even when they are intact and straight. They do everything in their power to destroy the lives of women who object, or who even just want to have a discussion. Their vicious bullying, vandalism, and no-platforming mean that transgender activists have so silenced anyone who questions their agenda that the majority of the public doesn’t know there ARE objections.

I was pulled into this fight by an experience in the late 1980s when a TIM crashed a group I held in my home to create a space for feminine lesbians. Despite wearing a dress and make-up, he could not have been more masculine in dominating everyone in the group and demanding to be the center of female attention and approval. Previously, I had required that women wear a skirt or dress to be admitted to my meetings. I did that to keep out dykes, very masculine lesbians who created the need for a space for feminine lesbians by running them out of every other lesbian space in the Washington, D.C., area, where I lived at the time with my late life partner. I added a new rule: “Must have been born female.”

Since then, the lesbian community has been wiped out by transgender natal intact male demands to be included and centered in lesbian groups, and even for lesbians to validate their purported womanhood by having penis-in-vagina sex with them.

Lesbians know better than anyone why men want into the women’s room. They do not just have to pee.

If you don’t want men in women’s restrooms, please donate or subscribe so I can do this work full-time. Projects I had lined up to pay my bills for the next few months have been unexpectedly and indefinitely delayed, but my book deadline is fixed. The result is that I have to implement my plan now of building a team of donors and supporters who are passionate about keeping natal men out of women’s spaces and protecting children from transgender propaganda intended to confuse them about their sex.

I’m not just writing a book. I am founding a movement. Please join and donate as generously as you can because I will lead a movement that will keep women and children safe without hurting transgender people. I will send all donors and subscribers a personal thank you note. I will keep subscribers informed on my progress, plans, and transgender issues.

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