UPDATED: More proof the gay community runs on fiscal conservatism

by CynthiaYockey on April 19, 2012

Dear Stacy gloats about the supposed Leftist hypocrisy of Out magazine firing all its staffers and hiring back a select few to work as freelancers willing to work without health insurance, benefits and steady paychecks. Ha! This is really just more proof that the gay community is a model of applied fiscal conservatism. After all, lesbians and gays cannot depend on any of the social institutions that lavish their largesse upon straight people: the family, religions, the government. We must depend on ourselves and one another.

That is why lesbians and gays choose entrepreneurial careers in large numbers. That is why the gay community creates its own charities, non-profits, services and businesses to serve its needs. That is why gays need taxes to be low and government small, so they have the discretionary cash for these purposes.

If gays ever want to have the power to make the Democrats keep their promises of gay equality, all they have to do is take a break from donating to and working for Democrats and — this is the key — start acting like they are willing to listen to lesbian and gay conservatives explain the advantages of fiscal conservatism.

Update, 4/20/12, Fri.:

Dear God, give me strength! Daniel Blatt, who blogs at Gay Patriot, cannot tell the difference between the following two concepts:

  1. the unalienable rights all persons have
  2. fairness.

One of the founding principles of conservatism is that life is not fair. We seek equality of opportunity and accept there is no such thing as equality of result without the application of force to deprive people of some measure of their liberty. So when Daniel seeks to expose the false reasoning of Leftist gays when he poses the question, “Can government make life fair for gay people? (Should it?),” you would think he would be on firm ground. And he would be, if he stuck to drawing distinctions between free market economies and socialist/redistributionist planned economies.

But noooooooo!!!! Daniel is NOT defending the principle that government cannot make life fair by ensuring equality of results — and must not deprive people of their liberty in a foolish quest to try. Instead, Daniel ridicules the bedrock conservative principle that one of the very few things government SHOULD do is guarantee equality of opportunity — in this case for gays. This means federal, state and local laws banning job discrimination against lesbians and gays.

Obama infuriated the gay community on April 11 by refusing to sign an executive order to end employment discrimination against gays working for federal contractors.

So, the answer to Daniel’s question, when it comes to employment and every other right of equal citizenship — such as marriage equality, housing and public accommodations — the government can and must make life fair for gays.

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