Candid video — Obama rips Axelrod on dog-eating debacle

by CynthiaYockey on April 19, 2012

I made this video because I could not help imagining Obama’s conversation with David Axelrod over making him a dog-eating meme laughingstock until the end of time.

The Obama campaign is working hard to create distractions from Obama’s record. The image of the Romney’s Irish setter, Seamus, having bouts of diarrhea in his kennel strapped on the roof of the family station wagon during a family vacation in 1983 must have looked like the perfect way to demonize Romney.

Then a Daily Caller commenter named “Flatfoot” ruined everything. He reminded the Daily Caller’s humor blogger, Jim Treacher, that Obama boasted of eating dog meat during his youth in Indonesia. When PETA and tried to whitewash this as cultural and/or a youthful indiscretion, Treacher published a YouTube video of the dog-eating passage being read aloud by Obama himself for the audiobook version of his autobiography, Dreams from My Father. (The link has a bonus video of the “Morning Joe” contributors on MSNBC barely able to discuss the topic for laughing.) Now #ObamaEatsDogs is a hashtag on Twitter.

Ace, et al., have collected some especially delicious Photoshops — here are a couple of samples:

See Treacher for many more hilarious Obama dog-eating Photoshops.

Dear Keith Koffler, the White House reporter who blogs at White House Dossier, has rounded up the best tweets on #ObamaDogRecipes.

Michelle Malkin notes this scandal has given a sinister “new flavor” to the Obama school chant from 2008 — and links to the coverage at her new site, Twitchy.

And Allahpundit turned up a new Downfall parody where Hitler discovers that Obama has eaten his dog:

If you enjoy this video, I would love to make more. However, Xtranormal charges for characters and scenery. I take care of my father for room and board while I’m recovering my health and creating a career that will support me in the future. So if this video made you laugh and you can spare a few bucks, I’ll use the money to cover some pressing medical issues, make more videos and to buy the tools I need to improve this blog and make money. Thank you!

Update, 4/20/12, Fri.: Thank you, Prof. Jacobson, for making me “Post of the Day” at Legal Insurrection. Welcome, Legal Insurrection readers! For my readers, if you click the link, you will see a car bumper decorated in a fashion often seen in areas with high concentrations of openly lesbian liberals. But not one “Obama 2012” sticker. Hmmmmm. I wonder what to make of that.

Update, 4/26/12, Thurs.: Allahpundit at Hot Air features a delicious clip from MSNBC (!) of David Axelrod suddenly eager to change the subject from dogs.

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Jenny Hatch April 19, 2012 at 3:46 pm
Peter W. Davis April 20, 2012 at 2:01 am

 Out here in rural Texas I see dogs in the back of pickup trucks, unrestrained. Nobody cares. I see dogs with their heads out of car windows, nobody cares. Fact is, a dog on top of the car, in a carrier, would have a wonderful time.

 As for the dog having the runs that time? Dogs have sensitive digestion. A change in food or water brings on foul (to us) stuff. Dogs puke or poop. Then they often eat the results.

 I don’t care that Obama ate dog. Hell, I probably did too in my journeys overseas and below the border. I’ve eaten at streetside taco stands in Mexico, and hole in the wall joints in Da Nang, Hong Kong and in Thailand.

 I care that Obama and his pals ate the damned economy.


Liz April 20, 2012 at 11:35 am

I don’t care about either case. But if the left wants to set the rules and play the game, it can’t whine when the right joins in and beats them.

Also, dog meat is delicious, and I’ve developed a taste for horse meat. Cats are  beyond delicious, but hard to get. And I have no problem with putting the dog on top of the car.

brucepmajors April 21, 2012 at 3:07 am

Romney: Boxers or Briefs; Obama: Boxers or Beagles.


Obama’s favorite movie: Dog Day Afternoon


Obama seven course State Dinner with the Indonesian Delegation….a 6 pack and a puppy.


I don’t see this story having legs anymore, kinda like the dog Obama ate.


It looks as if this Axelrod marketing ploy will dog Obama for a while.


When Obama says:”Ay, Chihuahua!”, that’s what’s for dinner.


Yes, Obama loves dogs, particularly when served in a light cream sauce.


What does Obama call a dog in a kennel?   A box lunch!


Mr. President, his name is Frisky – not crispy!


Folks continue to “hound” him about this issue….. I’m confident it will dog him to his grave.


Obama was riding the Gravy Train until Axelrod’s marketing stunt backfired.


Any mention on whether the MSM may end up chasing their own tail on this story?


Romney took his dog on vacation. Obama took his with fries.


Dave Williams April 25, 2012 at 7:57 pm

From RobX on another site:

Axelrod doesn’t like it when politics gets a little RUFF!Dog gone it, he should have let sleeping dogs fry. Sorry you are sick as a dog over this Axy, but you should have called off the dogs, before you began your dog and pony show to get Obie re-elected. You are not such a good shepherd of his campaign; it seems you might be in the dog house over this latest attempt at being the publicity hound you are, and he might want to muzzle you, you seem to have your tail between your legs for barking up to wrong tree. The lap dog media can’t even quash this story, and it might dog Obama for a long time. Looks like the dog days of summer are going to be long and hot for you Axy, a bit of the hair of the dog that bit you I say.  You know every dog has its day, but Obama’s has past, the nation is dog tired of his policies.Oh and Obama ate a dog.

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