Dan Riehl on why America needs Sarah Palin to run for president in 2012

by CynthiaYockey on September 23, 2011

I originally posted the following on August 13, 2011. It was lost on Sept. 17. I am re-posting it from Google’s cache:

Dan Riehl has been writing some very positive and insightful posts on Sarah Palin, whose interview with Sean Hannity last night at the Iowa State Fair was electrifying. Today he is posting on “Why Sarah Palin needs to run for president in 2012.” I re-cast that statement in my headline because it is America that needs Gov. Palin to run for president. Gov. Palin would not run for president out of her own ambition, so she will never need to run. However, it is easy to see that none of the other candidates have her ability to articulate the principles of fiscal conservatism and fill people with the belief that they can overcome the challenges they face in their own lives and in our nation. In addition, Gov. Palin has the best qualifications of all the prospective candidates, especially her knowledge of what needs to be done to make America energy independent, which will simultaneously improve our economy and national security.

Palin for president in 2012.

Peter W. Davis commented on 8/13/11:

Cynthia, Gov. Palin may well decide that she does need to run for President. Need arises from more than personal desire. The LEO does not run toward the wild man shooting up a crack house out of desire for excitement but out of duty. The mother that jumps into a fast flowing river after a total stranger’s child does not jump out of a desire to cool off but out of duty. And if our Sarah jumps into the race it will not be for personal profit but out of, you guessed it, duty. She does not need more money, nor does she care much about “glory”, unlike others I could name.

If Gov. Palin believes someone already declared can pull our chestnuts out of the fire she will gladly support him or her, meanwhile having a helluva good (and profitable) time in the speaking circuit. She can spend time with Trig and Piper, support PerryChristyBachman??? between very lucrative speaking engagements.

So that is one of only two ways Gov. Palin will jump in. The other? If the Obama attack machine is too much for her preferred candidate, she could jump in and act as a flak catcher. Just by getting near the race she would start absorbing much of the hate and money from the Donkey’s machine, and every penny spent attacking her is not going toward another. So, we shall see.

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