UPDATED: Michelle Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll, husband still gay

by CynthiaYockey on September 24, 2011

I originally posted the following on August 14, 2011. It was lost on Sept. 17 due to a web host snafu. I am restoring it from Google’s cached copy along with all the original comments (I will be answering objections raised in the comments in a future post):

Dear God in heaven, how does Michele Bachmann not know her husband is gay? As Jon Stewart notes in the video clip, Marcus Bachmann isn’t just gay, he’s “center square gay.” (Note to young whippersnappers: Gay man and king queen of snark, Paul Lynde, sat in the center square of the game show, “Hollywood Squares,” from 1968 to 1981.) How gay is Marcus Bachmann? A question which, by the way, is likely to be a Twitter hashtag soon if it isn’t already. Marcus Bachmann is drag queen gay.

But wait, there’s more:

There are enough conservative gays and lesbians that we will be outing Marcus Bachmann and his ilk. If closeted Republican gays don’t have the honor to come clean about their double lives and come out of the closet, we will dismantle the closet. For example, this video of Marcus Bachmann being confronted at the Iowa State Fair was shot by openly gay Republican candidate, Fred Karger:

How big a deal is it that gays and lesbians are so demonized by people like Michele Bachmann that they marry straight people for the perks of equality? Well, in a cruel example of divine justice, the gay man who married her to steal the life she would deny him with the Federal Marriage Amendment has stolen her life, and is the reason she should not be the Republican nominee.

Luckily, for men, it is easy to determine sexual orientation with some objectivity. Or, technically, a strip of postage stamps strategically applied around a flaccid penis prior to viewing porn. The emotional growth of people who deny their sexual orientation stops in their teens because you can only grow if you are allowed to be who you really are. This is because when your feelings are gay but you are trying to act straight, your behavior is directed entirely by your intellect rather than your heart and hormones. So, if I were going to put Marcus Bachmann through such a test, I would choose a variety of types of gay porn to see what he prefers, but I would expect the models he finds most attractive to be teenagers.

Those 23 foster kids — they’re all girls, right?

H/T: AmericaBlog Gay and Pam’s House Blend (check out the photo of Marcus Bachmann). I know they’re Leftists but I read them to keep up with the gay Left and it’s only honorable to link them when they’re sources.


Daniel Blatt at Gay Patriot notes that Michele Bachmann tried to walk back her toxic anti-gay rhetoric on “Meet the Press” today. She says she’s not “running to be anyone’s judge.” Seriously? Despite the video and audio record to the contrary that she’s made anti-gay statements for political gain? Although, come to think of it, her life and the ex-gay “reparative” therapy center she operates with her husband are built on the concept that it’s honorable to pretend to be someone you aren’t, so pretending she’s a moderate to build a broader coalition for her own gain must seem like the right play to her.

Update, 8/15/2011: My friend, Peter Ingemi, aka DaTechGuy, links this post and responds, “Let’s revisit Hell.” He is having me on his radio show this Saturday, August 20, at 10 am, EDT, WRCN AM 830 (phone in at 1-888-9-FEDORA or click the “Listen Live” button at the link) so I expect we shall have a lot to discuss. My reply to Peter is brief:

  1. It’s “all men are create equal.” There’s no exception for lesbians and gays.
  2. “Endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights” means YOUR religion is not allowed to declare groups of people intrinsically evil and then hijack the apparatus of the government to disadvantage them. Religions are faiths, not facts. You may not impose your religion on others through the coercive powers of government without granting that others should be allowed to impose their religion on you.
  3. I stopped being an ex-ex-lesbian for spiritual reasons. I was trying to be straight, when I was really a lesbian. Trying to be someone I’m not is adharma, which means I could not progress spiritually to enlightenment because I was trying to be something I wasn’t. There is no greater non-good. To incite people to adharma is the worst possible deed you can commit because you are murdering them spiritually. So while you would cast me, and all gays and lesbians, into hell, my life’s purpose is to inspire people to spiritual enlightenment. Equality for lesbians and gays is a necessary condition to fulfill that goal.

The following are the comments on this post, which I’m restoring from Google’s cache:

Liz, 8/15/11, 12:57 pm:


Things like the Daily Show aren’t available where I currently live, and I hadn’t seen pictures of him, so actually seeing them was…wow…that is some gayface.

Gotta say, certain sections of the right are NOT helping either themselves or the cause by whining that he’s being bullied. They’re damaging themselves even more by claiming that this is a sign that the “homosexualist agenda” is just as vicious as the anti same sex marriage agenda.

Because…wow…I might need some time alone. He actually reminds me of a postor I had who started pressuring me, before my father found out and shut him down as only a muscle-fat redneck daddy bear can. (I was seven.)

Cynthia Yockey, reply to Liz, 8/15/11, 7:15 pm:

I am late to this discussion because the subject of anti-gay reparative therapy is so painful to me. However, as soon as I saw Marcus Bachmann for the first time this weekend, I realized he is true to the stereotype of people who push reparative therapy: they are gay. Frankly, I’m starting to doubt that Michele is straight.

I’m so happy your dad protected you. With your family’s protection for your equality, you got a chance to have their support and guidance as you matured so you could go through the milestones of growing up at the age when each one is appropriate. This is absolutely necessary for emotional and psychological health. Please tell your dad I send love and hugs.

Graumagus, 8/16/11, 6:23 am:

First off, let me say that while I think Michelle Bachmann would make a much better president than Obama (that’s not saying much: anyone who can balance a checkbook and manage to not max out their credit cards would make a better president than him at this point), I am not a fan of her social agenda at all.

To me, most social conservatives aren’t “conservative” in my book at all, given that they are just as happy to swing the hammer of the federal government with wild abandon- just at different nails than the left.

Secondly, yes: Marcus Bachmann has some seriously gay mannerisms. He’s probably gay.

That said: Does anyone have any evidence that he is in fact a homosexual other than he seems to be based on speech and mannerisms?

Seriously. I would like to know.

I’m not talking about the “I know a guy who was dating my ex who had a fling with Mark Kirk in a bathroom” or “Obama used to cruise the clubs down in Boystown” winkwink nudegnudge rumors, but solid concrete evidence.



And apparently tried and convicted by you as a pedophile as well.

With no evidence.

Personal attacks geared towards political destruction against those you don’t ideologically agree with based on rumors and innuendo is straight out of the left’s playbook.

I have come to respect you a lot in the time I have been reading this blog, Cynthia, and quite frankly I think this is beneath you.

Attack the Bachmann’s bullshit “pray away the gay” evangelist crap at will with facts and a ringing demand for your equal rights, Cynthia, and you’ll see me and a slew of other fiscal conservative/social libertarian types standing side by side with you.

Engage in unproven (no matter how likely, but still unproven) smears and insinuations and you place yourself in the “Trig isn’t really Sarah Palin’s baby” category.

You’re better than that.

PS: Show me video of the guy making out with another dude, or proof he’s molested kids and I’ll buy the tar and feathers.

Peter, 8/16/11, 10:19 pm:

I gotta confess that my gaydar needs a lot of help, but then gay isn’t really much of a concern of mine. I mean I got hurt a little as a young guy busting up a gaybashing but that was on the job and when I went into it I thought it was an ordinary strongarm robbery. Rest easy, though, back then wee were expected to get fully even, and then ahead if anyone hurt one of us. Too bad that still isn’t the rule, both cops and civilians would be safer. But, I digress.

Here is my problem: Under Don’t ask, don’t tell anyone being hounded out of the Armed Services for looking and acting gay would bring howls of outrage. I mean, yeah the guy does not look like he drips testosterone on giant puddles as soon as the temperature breaks 65 degrees. Um, in my career I met a lot of very masculine looking and acting men who shared housing “to save money”. Sometimes, as when I was investigating a break-in or something I’d notice that only one bedroom was in use. In my Dept, we would never write anything like that down, though,when it wasn’t of any interest in solving the crime.

Things may have changed in the decades since I got enough seniority to get out of the sweeps we had to do when the man plus man outdoor sex would get out of hand and the county would make us rein ’em in. Back then a very large percentage of those men would be cryin’ tears the size of horse turds about what they were going to tell their wives and kids.

So, here we are. Sex is private!!!!! Except when it isn’t. You can’t have it both ways, Cyn. I do not believe that Michelle Backman would countenance violence against people for their sexual orientation or even actions, except in the case of rape or to stop sexual acts against very young children. And, damn it, THAT is all we owe.

Michelle B. has been an elected official for over ten years. Name one time she’s tried to bring the power of government against gays and lesbians.

Rick Perry is the next one that the organized left will be attacking, he’s been in government for thirty years. Same thing. You cannot name an attack either one of those people have made.

All this makes my head ache. All, repeat ALL acts against the life and safety of gays and lesbians as a group by governments in the last hundred years have come from the left or from Islam. My job was never to change hearts and minds, it was to lock up those who harmed the persons or property of others.

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