Help stop the Leftist campaign to defeat Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser in next week’s election

by CynthiaYockey on March 30, 2011

I am very grateful to Prof. William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection for making me his “Blog of the Day” today. And I would like to thank him by taking up a cause he is promoting: raising money for advertising to counter the multi-million dollar Leftist advertising campaign against Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, who is up for re-election next week. Prof. Jacobson’s post quotes an editorial from National Review Online and I want to draw your attention to a different point in the same editorial:

It is important that conservatives nationwide make this campaign their own. What is at stake in Wisconsin is not just one piece of legislation or one bill restoring a measure of sanity to the state budgeting process. The question to be answered in Wisconsin is: Who works for whom? Do the public employees work for the citizens, or are the citizens mere cattle to be disposed of at the pleasure of the bureaucrats and their union bosses? Every arrow in the quiver — court cases, judicial elections, recall, lawsuits, lies, libels, and brute thuggery — will be thrown at this case, along with lots of money derived from the union dues that state and local governments helpfully deduct from their employees’ paychecks on the unions’ behalf. Wisconsin may seem an unlikely battleground, but a line must be drawn, and this is the place to draw it.

The two issues in this battle that concern me have to do with attacks on the judicial branch of government and the assertions that it is possible to be both a social conservative AND a fiscal conservative. The thing is, BOTH the Right and the Left attack the judiciary when it thwarts their respective agendas. My observation is that the Right’s attacks emanate primarily from social conservatives, have a longer history and are significantly more vicious. The most recent example is the three Iowa Supreme Court justices who ruled in favor of marriage equality for gays. Social conservatives poured endless money and effort into the campaign to defeat those judges for upholding the law and thwarting them from imposing their religious beliefs on gays through the coercive powers of government.

So the Wisconsin election next week is a crucial tipping point between the rule of law and the rule of union mobs not only in Wisconsin but also every other state on account of the precedent it will set. Where will social conservatives stand? Will they donate money? Will busloads of them canvass the state knocking on doors to explain the importance of an independent judiciary and fiscal sanity?


Prof. Jacobson makes a chilling point in his post that the Wisconsin State Employees Union in southeast Wisconsin is now demanding store owners put posters in their windows declaring their support of the unions. They explicitly say they will interpret a neutral position — which, I gather, would be signalled by no poster of support in the window — as opposition and call on their members to boycott those stores. I want to add that the reason the Nazis knew what store windows to break and homes to destroy on Kristallnacht was that Jews had to put signs in their windows.

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Cynthia Yockey April 3, 2011 at 3:13 am

I think you are responding to my “About Me” page. I understand that six billion seems like a lot of people and certainly human activity can pollute or harm the environment. However, the science on climate change that is solid shows that the primary actor on climate change on Earth is the sun. Look into the “hide the decline” scandal from November 2009 when the University of East Anglia’s computers were hacked and their e-mails were published, revealing a scheme to suppress data disproving global warming theories. What has happened to the environmental movement is that it has been hijacked by the Left and now it is NOT being used to protect the environment and instead is being used to destroy free market economies and keep third world countries from the economic development that would allow their citizens to escape the grip of their dictators/warlords/corrupt regimes. You should look a little harder at the speed with which Al Gore became a billionaire and the opulent and wasteful lifestyle he enjoys while preaching sacrifice to everyone else.

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