Sassy Gay Friend rescues Cleta Mitchell

by CynthiaYockey on March 2, 2011

Did I forget to finish the Cleta Mitchell story I started after dear Christopher Barron characterized her in an unflattering way in the interview he and Jimmy LaSalvia gave to Metro Weekly that was published on Feb. 9 during CPAC? For some reason, several months of being on the receiving end of Ms. Mitchell’s scorched earth character assassination campaign over whether GOProud would be allowed to be a participating group in CPAC 2011 exhausted Chris’s patience and he used a Leftist expression to a Leftist reporter. I am the only conservative blogger who asked for Chris’s side of the story, which was only covered online by Leftist blogger, Pam Spalding. Short version: Ms. Mitchell’s first husband ended their nine-year marriage in the 1980’s and came out as a proud gay man. He died of AIDS in 1991. So Miss Haversham of Charles Dickens’ novel Great Expectations is an apt comparison. And that is why Ms. Mitchell’s vendetta against gays in general and gay conservatives in particular does not appear to be motivated by principle at all, but rather by wounded narcissism and a determination to wreak revenge.

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