Mary Matalin and Ken Mehlman speaking at GOProud’s fundraiser

by CynthiaYockey on March 2, 2011

My favorite points from Republican strategist Ken Mehlman, who recently came out as gay:

  1. Mary Matalin has made conservativism cool again.
  2. Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan restored the Republican party to being a party of ideas, rather than something you were born as.

There’s a short glimpse of me at the beginning of the video because a few minutes earlier I’d gone up to Mary to tell her how much I admired her commentary in July 2009 that Gov. Palin was a genius for resigning because she stopped being a sitting duck for specious ethics complaints and freed herself up to tell her story herself and travel. Just before the moment that GOProud founders Christopher Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia gathered everyone together to hear GOProud’s goals for 2011, I was telling Mary that the moment Gov. Palin earned my respect and loyalty was when she thanked Geraldine Ferraro and describing the expression on Ms. Ferraro’s face of gratitude warring with exasperation when she said in a TV news interview that that was the FIRST time anyone had ever thanked her as a trailblazer because dagnabbit, how can you credibly go on to demonize an opponent with such conspicuous majesty of soul?

Click here to read GOProud’s goals for conservative federal legislation.

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