Yes, Prof. Jacobson, Palin for president in 2012

by CynthiaYockey on November 28, 2010

Over the summer of 2008 during the presidential campaign, Barack Obama’s policies drove me out of the Democratic party, but it wasn’t until John McCain announced Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate that I felt confident I had someplace to go. I didn’t vote for John McCain. I voted for Sarah Palin. She is a self-made woman, had taken on her own party over corruption — and won!, and she had executive branch experience — all of which made her significantly more qualified to be president than McCain, Obama and Biden put together. I considered the prospect that she would be only a heartbeat away from the presidency, if McCain won, to be a feature, not a bug.

I support Sarah Palin for president in 2012. She always appeals to the best in people and has an uncanny knack for overcoming her enemies. Her understanding of fiscal conservatism and the economic theory behind it is solid and she knows how to put those principles into action. She supports securing our borders. Our nation’s enemies who take her measure will know better than to test her. We need a president with those qualities to restore America’s economy and position as a world leader.

I am joyful tonight to see that Prof. Jacobson, of Legal Insurrection, a staunch defender of Gov. Palin, has had his own epiphany about her qualifications for defeating Obama and becoming president in 2012:

I’ve put forth the proposition that the best way to defeat Obama is to put forward a conservative but non-controversial candidate who will keep the election focused on Obama. Because the Obama record and devolving persona are the equivalent of a death panel for Obama’s reelection.

And nothing matters more than defeating Obama because the damage he is doing to the country is generational.

But as I reflect back on the past two plus years since Palin’s nomination, I’m wondering if an all-out, knock-down, drag-out fight with the Palin haters is just what this country needs most, not least. And whether that is just as likely to be successful in defeating Obama as the “safe” route.

I still like Camille Paglia’s defense of Palin in October 2008, and Paglia’s observation of how disruptive Palin was to standard liberal doctrine:

The hysterical emotionalism and eruptions of amoral malice at the arrival of Sarah Palin exposed the weaknesses and limitations of current feminism. But I am convinced that Palin’s bracing mix of male and female voices, as well as her grounding in frontier grit and audacity, will prove to be a galvanizing influence on aspiring Democratic women politicians too, from the municipal level on up. Palin has shown a brand-new way of defining female ambition — without losing femininity, spontaneity or humor. She’s no pre-programmed wonk of the backstage Hillary Clinton school; she’s pugnacious and self-created, the product of no educational or political elite — which is why her outsider style has been so hard for media lemmings to comprehend.

And also Paglia’s assessment of the Democratic Party (notwithstanding her adoration of Barack Obama at the time) and how Palin hatred fit into that scheme:

The witch-trial hysteria of the past two incendiary weeks unfortunately reveals a disturbing trend in the Democratic Party, which has worsened over the past decade. Democrats are quick to attack the religiosity of Republicans, but Democratic ideology itself seems to have become a secular substitute religion. Since when did Democrats become so judgmental and intolerant? Conservatives are demonized, with the universe polarized into a Manichaean battle of us versus them, good versus evil. Democrats are clinging to pat group opinions as if they were inflexible moral absolutes. The party is in peril if it cannot observe and listen and adapt to changing social circumstances.

Nothing and no one brings out the worst in the Democratic Party, in the liberal media, entertainment and academic establishments, and in the left-wing blogosphere, as does Sarah Palin. Bringing out this worst may be the path to a lasting, generational conservative victory.

Maybe this is the battle which needs to be joined, once and for all.

The path forward, or just obsession?

I recommend that my dear gentle readers read the whole post. And to Prof. Jacobson, I say, yes! This is EXACTLY the battle that needs to be joined and drafting Sarah Palin as the Republican candidate for president is, indeed, the path forward. There’s no avoiding a knock-down, drag-out battle because Obama is a Chicago Democrat and that’s how he fights. The only successful weapon he ever had against Gov. Palin was to lie about her. Now Gov. Palin is getting her own story out through her books, Facebook, Twitter, speeches, appearances on Fox News and her show on Alaska, where she routinely pwns Obama. So lies are not going to work any more. Gov. Palin is not only our best candidate for president, she’s also the one who knows how to win AND the only one that the Obama machine will never figure out how to defeat.

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Peter November 30, 2010 at 5:31 am

I also voted for Palin instead of McC. The problem is the Washington Republican establishment hates Palin more than they hate Obama. This is why Miller lost in Alaska. My fear is that if Palin starts doing well in the early primaries, Democrats will start voting for some dufus Republican in our primaries, leaving an Obama-Hucklebee or Obama-Romney election. Much like they did in Michigan in ’08, giving us McC.

I don’t know, we are in for a helluva fight, anyway. Somehow there are a whole slew of folks mainly on the coasts, that think Americans must be ruled rather than have a government Americans control. Those people must be defeated. We are Americans. Our ancestors came here to get away from rulers.

Murgatroyd December 8, 2010 at 5:29 am

There’s no avoiding a knock-down, drag-out battle because Obama is a Chicago Democrat and that’s how he fights.

I hope you’re right … but Obama isn’t a clean-but-fierce fighter. His preferred way of fighting is to have a surrogate use dirty tricks on his opponents. Look at how Jack Ryan lost the Senate seat to Obama — “journalists” filed suit to have Jack and Jeri Ryan’s child custody proceedings made public, even though the content must have had a devastating effect on their son.

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