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by CynthiaYockey on February 26, 2010

Parody of Hot Air blog as an all-gay-and-lesbian blogI am honored Sarjex gave me a place in the headlines in her parody of Hot Air as Leftie heads exploded over a CPAC-speaker being booed off the stage during an anti-gay rant.

Ironically, I’ve already covered the issue Sarjex featured that the discovery of a gay gene and a reliable test to determine if a fetus were gay would transform gay and lesbian attitudes about abortion.

And tonight, just as I was looking for one more thing to chuckle over before turning in for the night, way past my bedtime, I find that Sarjex is a conservative lesbian living in San Francisco! Well, well, well! Thank GOD we can apply everything we learned about coming out as lesbian or gay to our families, friends and colleagues to making the even more astonishing and displeasing announcement that we are fiscal conservatives!

Oh, and Sarjex totally nailed it — I DO love both Gov. Palin and power tools, indeed, any kind of gizmo.

H/T The Other McCain.

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Sarjex February 26, 2010 at 2:25 am

Aw, I saw you reposted the cartoon. I have to say, I’m pleased with the life it has taken on. It took many, many hours to draw it all up and I’m glad all the little details are actually readable and people appreciate them.

I’m a fan of your blog though I don’t think I’ve actually commented before. I find your writings to be incredibly thoughtful. It’s very nice knowing I’m not the only gay wingnut in the village. 🙂

Cynthia Yockey February 26, 2010 at 10:23 am


Thanks for doing the cartoon and for including me! You did a fabulous job!

Also, thank you for your kind praise and for being a fan. This year’s CPAC was a watershed in many ways, but especially for lesbians and gays. I’ll be explaining in future posts how it was a transformative experience for me as a conservative lesbian blogger regarding my place in the blogosphere and my message, so stay tuned and please continue to comment. Conservative lesbians and gays need to work together to figure out how to free homosexuals from their slavery to the Left and your perspective here will be very helpful.


Stinky February 26, 2010 at 9:48 am

I just read the Green Room post you linked to, and someone had left this joke:

The scene: a small, intimate bar in a far-off town. A grizzled, dusty man walks in and takes a place next to a younger woman. When the bartender walks up to him, he orders a whiskey.

The woman asks, “just what is it you do, fella? Whatever it is looks like a hard life.”

The man replies, “I’m a cowboy. I spend days in the saddle, riding the range. Herd steers out to pasture; herd steers in for sale.” After a long pause, he says, “but enough about me — tell me about yourself.”

Somewhat nonplussed — not knowing whether this was a creaky, seldom-used politeness or whether he might be hitting on her — she takes a deep breath…..and says, “Me? I’m a lesbian. I get up in the morning, I think about women; I shower, I think about women; I have a cup of coffee, I think about women — I pretty much think about women all the time. I go out on the street, I can’t help but look at the beautiful women walking on the other side. I go to work, I bump into all these women and I have to try and force myself not to notice how good they look. Ooops! I’m sorry — gotta run! There’s my date.” She downs the rest of her drink and sprints out the door.

Silence falls. The man finishes his first whiskey, and with a nod the bartender brings him another. After a while, a man takes the stool next to him and says, “howdy — haven’t seen you around before. What’s your line?”

The dusty man replies, “well, up until about fifteen minutes ago, I would have told you I was a cowboy — but now, I think I might be a lesbian.”

Roxan February 26, 2010 at 3:44 pm

Just found you last night and I have to say I’m loving it. As a former leftie who realized their idea of liberal and my idea were clearly not the same (they aren’t really liberal at all), I think I’ll be a reader for a long time to come.
.-= Roxan´s last blog ..If You’re In The KCMO Library District =-.

sybilll February 26, 2010 at 5:44 pm

Cynthia, I hope you took the time to read the comments. Sarjex gave the HotAir commenters an amusing way to show who they are, and how accepting Conservatives are. Nice way to dispel a misconception.

Amy February 26, 2010 at 6:58 pm

Too funny…I originally saw the graphic at HillBuzz and got a kick out of seeing your site “linked”. Now tonight I’m noodling around on HA and I read Sarjex’s “coming out” post without realizing she had been the one to do the graphic. As I’m reading, I’m thinking, “Huh, she should hook up with Cynthia (in a co-blogger way only, of course). Only to find out…the Internet is such a small world.

I’m trying to remember how I found your blog, Cynthia. I think it was The Other McCain.

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