Pro-life lesbians and gays

by CynthiaYockey on April 22, 2009

I just received an e-mail from PLAGAL, the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians, saying the blog I didn’t know they had has been updated. I have added it to my Blogroll.

I have to admit that the PLAGAL booth isn’t thronged on Pride Day — to be celebrated on various Saturdays in June in a city near you — and I don’t expect their blog to change that.

But they exist, and I want my gentle readers to know about them.

I am convinced that the reason pro-choice feminists demonized Sarah Palin and conducted their successful viral e-mail smear campaign of lies to demolish her support by women is Trig, her son with Down syndrome, who just celebrated his first birthday. I believe they did that because the Down syndrome fetus is the boogey-fetus that most successfully scares women into supporting the right to abortion. Medicine has advanced enough to have a reasonably accurate — not 100 percent accurate, just reasonably accurate — test to determine whether a fetus has Down syndrome. And I suspect that quite a lot of women who would sit on the fence forever on the abortion question jump down on the pro-choice side when they contemplate how it would change their lives — and marriages, if they have them — if they had to bring a Down syndrome baby to term.

The choice of Sarah Palin to embrace her Down syndrome baby and the support she has from her husband and other children un-demonizes the Down syndrome child everywhere forever. Even more, it de-mystifies the Down syndrome child because the Palin family is coping with the challenges of his disability in the public spotlight. People will never be as frightened of the Down syndrome boogey fetus again.

Who will be the next boogey fetus?

Bear in mind that the boogey fetus in China and India is any female.

I predict that the instant there is a test announced that claims to predict whether or not a fetus will be born homosexual, then homosexuals will be the next boogey fetus.

The PLAGAL lesbians and gays first saw that day coming from light years away. Or 1990, when the organization was founded.

Should that day come, then totalitarian social conservatives — who are like their counterparts, totalitarian liberals, but with a different checklist — will be in quite the pickle. They will know, or think they know, in the womb, that a member of a group they hate and want to kill — not always directly mind you, so they can keep the appearance of virtue and clean hands, but by eroding the foundations of life in every possible way, cutting the roots of the tree and blocking its sun, so that when it is stunted and later dies, they can deride and mock it and gloat about how defective and evil it was — that one of THOSE PEOPLE has come to be born into their own family.

What will they choose, then?

I do believe that some of them will obtain abortions secretly, just as some of them exploit the gay and lesbian community by having secret sexual liaisons and affairs.

But I’m also positive that the lesbian and gay fetuses brought to term in social conservative families who are aware the post-birth child is most likely homosexual will be tortured unremittingly by efforts to make them straight. If they are looking for techniques, there’s already a book. It’s titled Soul Murder.

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Larry April 27, 2009 at 6:35 pm

Interesting post. Several thoughts jump to mind. I find it interesting that, in castigating what you refer to as “totalitarian social conservatives,” you manage do demonize a very wide swath of individuals as an intransigently hostile other, whose simple minded interpretations of sexuality and morality will certainly damn them to a self-imposed hell if they were to be, in your thinking, cursed with a gay child. I am certain there are some individuals (a rather limited few) for which your description may be apt, but I do find your enjoyment of their predicted angst over having such a child very ironic.

In addition, I suppose it is obvious to mention the danger of painting with such broad brush strokes, and demonizing millions of individuals at a swath with careless words, but does your conscious nag at you at all when you engage in the same sorts of behaviors that you accuse others of doing? There is a visceral hatred for, again, what you describe as “totalitarian social conservatives” in your post. I’m left wondering if you are not projecting onto others what you may feel yourself? Do you have such a severe loathing for certain political views that you would rather see those espousing those views eradicated from the body politic, permanently, as it were?

Your presentation of the attitudes of these demonic social conservatives reads like the worst kinds of cliches and tired stereotypes that have been used throughout history to degrade and dehumanize groups of “others,” including but definitely not limited to gays. While you are not necessarily in a position to act on your own demonizations in a concrete way right now, I do wonder where such thinking would lead if you were.

I’d be very interested in debating specific social issues from a more traditional moral viewpoint, but after reading this post, I’m not certain if it is worth the effort. And, please, do not reply with knee-jerk appelations regarding my political views or my sexuality, you really have no idea.

Cynthia Yockey April 27, 2009 at 11:59 pm


Totalitarian social conservatives and totalitarian liberals both have extremely rigid agendas. You really haven’t come to my blog to debate — you have come to shame and demand obedience. I refuse to play. I do not think my post was at all hateful, although I will admit to condemning soul murder. You read hatred into it, which really says a lot about you.

I did learn over the weekend that Alan Keyes and his wife cut their 19-year-old daughter off financially and evicted her from her apartment after she protested Bush’ second inauguration and spoke on Valentine’s Day 2005 about a gay friend who had died of starvation after three years of homelessness after his parents kicked him out at the age of 16 when they found out he was gay. Google “Maya Keyes” for her Wikipedia bio. I did not see any social conservative condemning him for lashing out at his daughter so viciously. So I gather social conservatives believed the Keyes’ behavior to be worthy of praise and support. I do not consider such a morality to be moral. Maya was interviewed but did not reproach her parents. Oh, and fun fact: she’s pro-life.

Move along, little troll, move along.


Larry April 29, 2009 at 3:15 pm

That’s quite a job of mental acrobatics you’ve done there, from decrying tens of millions of your fellow Americans as soul destroying totalitarian murderers (your words), to placing yourself in the role of the victim for being called to account for your statements. I don’t demand obedience, but I do point out hypocrisy and falsehoods when I see them, and I am seeing them in spades.

And, yes, I read hatred into it. I read hatred into all bigotry, and you, Ms. Yockey, are giving the appearance of being a bigot. Now, you possess one of the few currently socially acceptable bigotries, that being towards those you describe as social conservatives, but it is bigotry nonetheless, virtually a dictionary definition of it. You are excoriating a vast group of people by drawing a cartoonish picture of their beliefs and, through that distortion of your own creation, attempt to discredit them completely solely on that basis. It’s called a straw man, and it’s a logical fallacy often used by those who don’t want to debate, but who want to shout down and make villains out of any opposition.

Another logical fallacy – cherry picking. You pick as an example of social conservatives an individual who is an extremist and unrepresentative of that group, however you define it. When has Alan Keyes ever gained more than 5% of the vote in any multi-candidate election in which he took part (I am disregarding the essentially two-candidate 2006 Illinois Senatorial election*) ? But that’s the point of cherry picking, to create a situation in which the target group has to defend itself from accusations that behavior by any individual identified as a member of that group, no matter how extreme, are somehow the norm. Why don’t you google “Ashleigh Pechaluk?” By your thinking, I should therefore conclude that all lesbians are insanely jealous axe-wielding murderers. That would, of course, be asinine.

The entire rationale behind your assertion is this: “everyone knows that………”. Everyone knows that social conservatives are totalitarian murderers. Everyone knows that Jews stabbed Germany in the back in WWI. Everyone knows that blacks are lazy and shiftless. Everyone knows that gays are licentious, promiscuous libertines. See how it works? It doesn’t take very long for that kind of thinking to go to very troubling places. As a self-described member of a group that has, particularly in the past, faced such baseless accusations, I am disappointed to see you engaged in the same sort of bigoted behavior.

If you had said that social conservatives sometimes have totalitarian tendencies, I don’t think I would have commented at all. I would not necessarily have agreed, but I would not have bothered to take the time to write two long comments. But you didn’t just say that, you made clear you feel that ALL social conservatives are not only totalitarian, but soul destroying murderers to boot. That’s quite a statement. Why not just call them untermensch and be done with it?

Cynthia Yockey April 30, 2009 at 12:17 am


You are a troll and do not provide any useful insights. Don’t try the straw man tactic here of making up things that you attribute falsely to me, then knocking them down. Your rant is so crazy that there is nothing to gain by answering you. You have demonstrated you do not answer what was actually written.

I did not say that all social conservatives are totalitarian. However, frankly, quite a number of them are. And the result of their totalitarianism is indeed soul murder. I believe that a good many will change their ways when they realize that that is the result of their actions.

I know perfectly well that I will have social conservative readers who disagree with me. I make an effort to look to our common ground and to their innermost goodness, so that even when we disagree, we can do so with respect and even affection. So I want to make sure those readers know that I am grateful and happy to have them as visitors to my blog and that I do make an effort to consider their feelings.

However, Larry, you are a hateful crazy person and I will not publish any more of your comments.


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