Photo proof Ellie Light is real — AND, she's written to Little Miss Attila

by CynthiaYockey on January 25, 2010

PhotoShop of Barack Obama's face on a woman's body to represent the troll going by the name of Ellie Light.

Ellie Light -- such a pretty face!

Well, the Right blogosphere is all aflutter today — Ellie Light is real! We have found her Facebook photo (above), AND she has written identical missives to Little Miss Attila, Dan Riehl (here and here) and other bloggers all proclaiming her reality and scathingly deriding the Right’s skepticism that she exists. Well, Obama got into office on just his say-so that he was qualified, so it stands to reason that the Right should accept that Ellie Light is real on her say-so alone, too! Dear Little Miss Attila has the round-up and the scoop!

Update, 1/25/2010, Mon.:

Stacy McCain has a more flattering portrait of Ellie Light, but a less flattering opinion of her character.

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Liz January 25, 2010 at 5:55 pm

How wrong is it that it took me a good 5, 6 seconds to realize that that was a photo shop job?

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