Obama's tanking, so expect a lie about Gov. Palin in 3, 2, 1 …

by CynthiaYockey on August 24, 2009

The Obama playbook calls for a big media distraction from stories about his tanking popularity and cries of outrage with his performance now emanating from the Left, of all places — see here, here and here. So, I am updating my Obama Prevarication Predictor to add that within 72 hours of the release of really bad poll numbers about Obama’s performance as president, there will be a HUGE lie either about Gov. Palin, or attributed to her, in order to distract the media and public from the true, bad news about Obama.

At -14, Obama had the worst result on the Rasmussen Presidential Approval Index of his presidency on Sunday, August 23. (Today he has leapt up to -12.) The last time his numbers hit their lowest was July 30, at -12, probably due to the controversy following Obama’s July 22 primetime healthcare reform press conference where he spent an hour selling a bill he’s never read, that exists in no fixed form, with solutions that even people with a modest command of healthcare reform know were lowhanging fruit plucked and discarded in the 1990’s, and made the accusation that doctors make the decision to remove body parts based on their personal financial goals rather than the patient’s needs — then capped his performance with a truly spectacular display of cluelessness about the office of the president and his own deficient character in what became “Gatesgate.”

Then, on August 1, an Alaskan blogger put out the bogus claim that Gov. Sarah Palin was divorcing her husband Todd. Poof! Just like magic, the media and blogosphere pounced on the new bone.

The distraction did not go as well as planned, however, due to the investigative work of bloggers Dan Riehl of Riehl World View (see here) and Stacy McCain of The Other McCain (see here). So sad — not only was the rumor completely false, but also Riehl found that one of the bloggers purveying it, Jesse Griffin, had a no-show job paid for by big-time Obama contributors and had a behavioral profile disturbing in a single man working as a kindergarten teacher’s assistant. Copious sunlight had the same effect on Griffin that it does on traditional vampires.

So, Obama’s tanking and his playbook calls for a distraction right about now. However, I have to wonder if the usual henchbloggers and mainstream media shills might be a little reluctant to do Obama’s dirty work this time around. Dan Riehl found their money trail. It may take some time to make a new one. Which also can be found in due course. Sunlight is not going to flatter them at all, I suspect.

Update, 8/24/09: THAT was fast! See dear Stacy McCain at The Other McCain on the latest mendacious anti-Palin blogger to get outed and find the sunshine to be very unpleasant indeed. And what a coincidence her anti-Palin blog was founded on 9/15/08 at the same time the Obama campaign appeared to settle on a strategy to fight the damage that Gov. Palin did to Obama’s popularity after Sen. McCain chose her as his running mate. And I see Dan Riehl is hot on her trail, too: “When first we practice to deceive.

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smitty August 24, 2009 at 10:59 am

Theatrical portrayal here.

Graumagus August 24, 2009 at 11:51 am

I think the distraction isn’t going to be Palin related, it’s Holder’s DOJ going after the CIA for doing their jobs.

Makes the hardcore left happy, erodes American security, and makes Bush look bad. It’s a triple win for them.

Then again, they may frost the cake with a Palin bash as well. Too early to tell….
.-= Graumagus´s last blog ..Increased Chances =-.

Peter August 25, 2009 at 4:55 am

I don’t believe the special prosecutor is going to take much heat off Obama. There isn’t anyone but the rabid left at all worried about what happens to terrorists. If the CIA were to take ’em all out in the middle of the ocean and tell ’em to walk home, the only question about 80% of the country would have is if the CIA used correct pirate talk.

Graumagus August 25, 2009 at 11:34 am

I don’t think it will WORK Peter, I just think they’ll try.
And I think it may backfire spectacularly.
.-= Graumagus´s last blog ..Microblogging is killing this place =-.

Cynthia Yockey August 26, 2009 at 11:08 am


The death of Sen. Ted Kennedy (D, MA) has met the deadline for news story, real or fake, that will shift the mainstream media AND blogosphere away from Obama’s tanking poll numbers for the next several days. They’re unlikely to talk about much else except major natural disasters or acts of war until a day or two after Sen. Kennedy’s funeral. So some aspects of Obama’s luck are still holding.

The silver lining is that whatever slander and libel campaign Obama’s minions had planned for Gov. Palin to shift the news spotlight is now on hold. And Dan Riehl, Stacy McCain and Aaron Gardner have lying Obama blogger number two, Anne Briggs, the formerly anonymous author of the blog “Palin’s Deceptions,” loon zero of Trig Trutherism, squarely in their sights. Briggs’ founded her blog on 9/15/2008, two days after her first Trig Truther comment was published online, and right at the time that the Obama campaign was stumbling around trying to figure out how to respond to Gov. Palin’s selection as Sen. John McCain’s running mate before settling on stealth character assassination by feminist viral e-mails filled with lies, paid trolls and Astroturf blogs (which could be used as “sources” to leverage libels about Gov. Palin to coverage by the mainstream media).

For example, on 9/15/08, Gateway Pundit reported McCain/Palin breaking even or pulling ahead in five battleground states (http://gatewaypundit.blogspot.com/2008/09/mccain-pulls-ahead-or-breaks-even-in-5.html). On 9/22/08, Michelle Malkin had http://michellemalkin.com/2008/09/22/bloggers-sniff-out-anti-palin-astroturf-campaign-and-the-cover-up-begins/, Gov. Palin’s e-mail account was hacked on 9/17/08 (http://michellemalkin.com/2008/09/17/the-story-behind-the-palin-e-mail-hacking/) and the financial meltdown leading to the bailouts and nationalization of the U.S. financial industry had just begun.

I think it’s very reasonable to speculate that Anne Briggs’ 9/13 Trig Truther comment got her hired as an Obama Astroturf blogger and she went right to work.


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