Obama's hit -14 and Dan explains why he's 'bust-o'

by CynthiaYockey on August 23, 2009

Obama's presidential approval rating hit -14 on 8/23/09, its lowest number ever.

Obama's presidential approval rating hit -14 on 8/23/09, its lowest number ever.

OK, given that my previous post was all about bare breasts, I could not resist using Dan Collins’ blog headline “Bust-o” for this one telling you to go read his post set off by a piece at Politico that Dan found deficient. It is a thorough, well-supported and extremely satisfying shellacking. Here is a sample:

Largely missing from [Politico’s] analysis, which is punctuated with a lot of 20/20 hindsight observation, is any appreciation of how Obama and his administration’s lack of candor might have affected perceptions of his trustworthiness. Consider, for example, the promises regarding transparency. Obama stated that all major pending legislation would be posted in order to give the public a chance to view it for a minimum of five days before he signed it. This promise–like the promise to conduct health care negotiations live on C-SPAN–has simply not materialized. Instead, the administration has been conducting its own closed-door negotiations with PhRMA, including a quid pro quo in the form of $150 million in television ad buys to promote the health care agenda, but without tort reform.

By coincidence, Obama hit his lowest approval rating ever in today’s Rasmussen Presidential Approval Index, -14. This number is derived by subtracting the number of voters who strongly disapprove of Obama’s performance from the number that strongly approve: 27 – 41 = -14.

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Peter August 24, 2009 at 4:29 am

It’s funny how libs can’t seem to understand how regular people notice how politicians run on one thing and then do another. Had the Republican Congress continued what they started in the ’94 election they’d still be in the Majority.

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