The Obama Prevarication Predictor — UPDATED

by CynthiaYockey on July 22, 2009

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Obama, as a man without a conscience — that is, a sociopath — whose overriding goal in life is to dominate everyone and everything, who does not have the ability to feel empathy and whose cool, calm demeanor is based on the fact that there are very few emotions that sociopaths genuinely have — will tell any lie to get his way. There is no such thing as a lie Obama will not tell — quick, what’s his latest position on Gitmo? on gay rights? Besides his sociopathy, another reason Obama holds so many mutually exclusive positions simultaneously, or in rapid sequence, is that prospective opponents tune out once they hear him say what they want to hear. So a lot of his supporters have no idea that he has made so many promises that are impossible to keep. In addition, Obama does not worry about ever keeping a promise because he is supremely confident in his ability to destroy anyone who insists that he does.

However, I believe I have discovered Obama’s Achilles heel. Recently I noticed that there’s a pattern to Obama’s prevarications that I believe will allow Republicans and conservatives to predict his next lie approximately two-to-three days before he tells it. Understanding this pattern will allow Republicans and conservatives to conserve energy and resources in the fight against Obama’s campaign to destroy the U.S. economy with debt, tax, regulation and entitlement bombs because they will know where to head him off at the pass and can have welcoming committees ready and waiting to, uh — “ambush” sounds so unfriendly — greet him appropriately when he arrives.

It’s really so simple! The Obama Prevarication Predictor Principle is that Obama’s next Big Lie will target any consensus that would thwart one of his objectives. The content of the Big Lie will be to seek to destroy the consensus. So the Big Lie will assert that whatever people are objecting to won’t be proposed, or won’t happen, or is not a “must have.” It will always seem very accommodating.

The actual result will be along the lines of Obama’s recent bamboozling of his gay supporters when they got uppity over all his broken promises about repealing DOMA and DADT and stopped their campaign donations. He quickly arranged a sham accommodation by having his minions trumpet a long list of coveted rights Obama would grant to same-sex partners of federal employees. The gay lobby still really hasn’t caught on that Obama’s presidential memorandum included the stipulation that it would comply with DOMA, which negates almost everything Obama’s initial pronouncements claimed his memorandum would allow. But most gays were only paying attention to the promises and won’t find out Obama’s promises can’t be honored until they try to cash them in. Meanwhile, Obama shattered their consensus and duped them back into the fold.

My prediction for Obama’s Big Lie in his address to the nation tonight is based on House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer’s statement yesterday that Congress may adjourn on August 7 without having passed Obama’s healthcare reform bill along with signs of doubts from erstwhile Democratic true believers. So I predict Obama’s Big Lie will be that the time for talk is over so healthcare reform bill must be passed in a big hurry, fast, fast, fast, don’t bother to read it, just do it now!


Over at National Review Online, Jim Geraghty made a related point when he wrote that all of Obama’s promises have an expiration date.

UPDATE: I watched Obama’s press conference and he went full-spectrum in the not-credible-promise department. Summary version: our current government-run health insurance programs, Medicare and Medicaid, are breaking our budget, so the solution is to have MORE government-run healthcare. Also, Congress must pass the healthcare reform bill by his arbitrary deadline because if they don’t, we’ll never have healthcare reform. AND, he promises, if they pass something, anything, he won’t sign it if it has (insert any of the current objections to healthcare reform).

Is it just me — and I really have only heard about this phenomenon — but isn’t Obama’s promise that he won’t sign the healthcare reform bill if it adds to the deficit, or whatever is the obstacle du jour, EXACTLY the same as a man in a moment of intimacy promising a woman that if she will just let him put it in, he won’t do anything else? And — help me out here — doesn’t the man make this promise trusting that once it is in, the woman will change her mind? So the whole premise of the promise is an intention to deceive?

Also, why is no one calling Obama for laziness and stupidity for his two arguments that (1) if there’s an expensive blue pill and a cheaper red pill that do the same thing, we should only buy the red pill?, and (2), we need to develop more of a consensus on what works and what doesn’t? These two points are stupid because (1), limiting the formulary and requiring people to use generic medications are two of the first reforms that were implemented in the 1990’s, and (2), the entire medical field ALREADY is dedicated to figuring out what works and what doesn’t — that is what research and medical journals DO.

What Obama showed in this press conference is that he can barely be bothered to memorize statistics to offer as proof of his assertions — assuming he has the intellectual capacity, which I doubt. And he is too lazy to bother to master any of the basics of healthcare reform. I am flabbergasted ANYONE thinks he is smart man, rather than just a cunning one.

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Peter July 22, 2009 at 5:56 pm

I’m about half or two thirds deaf. So I don’t listen to speeches, I read transcripts. Obama has never once said anything serious except “I want” Nothing else he says should ever be believed. Well, off I go, bouncing along in your blogroll.
.-= Peter´s last blog ..Bacon And Prewash For The Dishwasher =-.

I R A Darth Aggie July 22, 2009 at 7:12 pm

Steny Hoyer is Majority leader.

You maybe right, I’m not sold per se on your predicition. Keep in mind the House dems appear to have been scattered to the four winds, and that there are 6 competing pieces of legislation percolating in various committees in both chambers.

And they have 16 days till recess. He & the Congressional Dem leadership are going to have to expend an awful lot of politcal capital get something done.

And a lot of the freshmen “Blue Dog” dems will be toast if they vote for legislation they haven’t read…

Cynthia Yockey July 22, 2009 at 8:19 pm

IRA Darth Aggie,

Thanks! I fixed the error — I’m in Maryland and know Hoyer is a Democrat, but I must have been in a Republican frame of mind when I was writing.


I R A Darth Aggie July 22, 2009 at 7:14 pm

Addendum: if it works, The Won comes out looking like a stinkin’ genius. Falling short = EPIC FAIL, welcome to Waterloo.

Would he bet his presidency on one throw of the dice?

Red July 22, 2009 at 8:28 pm

Pelosi says she has the votes to pass this bill. What kind of messed up world is that? Anytime Barry Soetoro/Obama opens his mouth it sounds like choir practice, “me, me, me, me”. We have to be loud and strong and persistent in our resistance to this monster legislation. Keep on blogging!
.-= Red´s last blog ..Yo Quiero Casket? =-.

apodoca July 22, 2009 at 10:02 pm

Your analysis of Obama’s character is pretty much the same as Rush’s. I don’t think Rush has called him a psychopath, though.

Obama is indeed playing “just the tip” politics. As every woman knows, not too long after entertaining the tip, you get shafted; after that, there’s no true withdrawal until the load’s shot. Then we will have to deal with the consequences cuz he’ll be gone and our lives and economy screwed.

That willful disregard of facts and supporting details was apparent during the campaign. When he spoke, he was often making stuff up or free associating.

I hope Rush picks up on your comments.

Cynthia Yockey July 22, 2009 at 10:51 pm


Just to be clear, I am calling Obama a sociopath, not a psychopath.

I truly do not get why ANYONE thinks Obama is intelligent. Ann Coulter nailed it last year year when she called him “Jonathan Livingston Obama.”


apodoca July 22, 2009 at 11:40 pm

LOL!!! My bad! I didn’t look back to verify the exact word and used the wrong one.

Here’s why folks think he’s intelligent: he’s a black guy who went to Columbia and Harvard.

It doesn’t matter that nothing demonstrates the characteristic they ascribe to him. By dint of what he looks like and the ooh! factor of where he went to school, he’s intelligent.

Had Sarah Palin gone Ivy, she might have been considered intelligent, too. Wait a mo, that wasn’t enough to save Dubya. So, let me change my earlier statement on Obama. Here’s why folks think he’s intelligent: he’s a black Leftist Democrat (really redundant) who went to Columbia and Harvard.

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