CPAC 2013, baby!

by CynthiaYockey on March 14, 2013

Thanks to my dear generous readers and donors, I’m at CPAC! The first person I recognized when I walked in was DaTechGuy, dear Peter Ingemi, and the second was Jonah Freaking Goldberg (!), who was registering at the media desk as I walked up. I got to tell him his work in 2008 was instrumental in my transformation into a fiscal conservative and thank him. Then he remembered that I (@conservativelez) occasionally josh him (@JonahNRO) on Twitter.

Next I found my way to the media area in the main ballroom. There’s plenty of room, but not many electrical outlets. I have a netbook (don’t mock, scroll down for my PayPal button and hit the tip jar!) and its battery only lasts about an hour, so I’m using my iPhone to post.

I thought it was extravagant to have an iPhone, too, until last May when I forgot I was making ghee and got involved in the computer until I smelled smoke. I bought the iPhone on the way home from the Johns Hopkins Burn Center while I was still on morphine. With the iPhone, I can work and stay near the stove and it has timer and reminder features I need that the netbook doesn’t have. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Where was I? OK, back in the ballroom, I waved to Chris “Smitty” Smith of The Other McCain as I was looking for a place to sit. I found a nice spot on the aisle and soon dear Moe Lane came up to say hello and we went to the back of the room to chat. On the way back to my seat, I tripped and fell flat on my face, and when I was finally able to get up, there was dear Jimmy Bise of The Sundries Shack, who kindly let me cling to him for easily 10 minutes until I stopped shaking. (I’m fine now, I took some Bach Rescue Remedy, which I keep in my briefcase, and it cleared the shock in a few minutes.)

Oh, and, for new gentle readers, I really do love anyone I call “dear.”

My next stop is the National Blogger Club’s press briefing, then the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s panel, “Rainbow on the Right,” which includes dear Liz Mair, GOProud’s (YES!) dear Jimmy LaSalvia and dear Jonah Goldberg. Then it’s on to BlogBash!

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