My turning point day

by CynthiaYockey on February 5, 2013

Today was a turning point day. I only have a small stack of papers left to clear in my de-cluttering campaign. For the first time, I had a sense of an orderly sequence of projects that I needed to accomplish. For the first time, I was free of feelings of pain, confusion and mental and emotional pressure that being surrounded by the clutter of bills and notes and flyers gave me when I sat down to work. For the first time, I was enthusiastic and happy about sitting down to work at my computer.

And after handling several chores, I was easily able to clear another blocker that had been frustrating and frightening me. To take this blog where I want it to go in the next few months, I have to upgrade to the current versions of WordPress and the Thesis framework. I was nervous about upgrading WordPress because a couple of years ago I upgraded it without backing up my blog first and it corrupted my database. So the first step was to ensure I had back-ups from my back-up service and my web host (i.e., belt and suspenders). The next time I do this it will take no more than half an hour, but it took a couple of hours today to find my way through the process and sort out some little snafus that it was very lucky I discovered and resolved in time.

My success in upgrading WordPress made me brave enough to upload Thesis 2.0 and get most of the way through the process of copying the settings I have to move by hand. Thesis 2.0 handles the settings for a blog’s design very differently than the 1.x versions. So it may take a few days for me to get that figured out. But once I do, I’ll be free to make the additions I’m planning, which will be a dream come true.

What am I up to? These upgrades and transformations of my blog will make it possible for me to create a mastermind group of my dear gentle readers. The purpose of the group will be to demonstrate success in our own personal lives, cheer one another on and share our success stories in a way that demonstrates to progressives how conservative principles generate prosperity.

Stay tuned.

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