Why undecideds should vote for Romney

by CynthiaYockey on November 6, 2012

Romney clinched my vote when he chose Paul Ryan as his running mate because that showed he is serious about restoring the United States to fiscal health. Today I’m going to vote with my 96-year-old father, then I’m on stand-by as a volunteer with my county’s Republican organization to take voters to the polls, especially people with disabilities. This evening I’m working with CAC and the Ace of Spades HQ election results tabulation team covering Maryland and Delaware. For my comments on Twitter, follow @conservativelez.

For the first time in his career, pollster Scott Rasmussen said today he cannot call the presidential race because the poll results are so evenly divided. It is the small percentage of voters who are undecided who will determine the outcome of this race. I haven’t heard or read much about who they are, but I think I know them because they are like me: fiscal conservative/social liberals. We are essentially politically homeless, represented neither by Republicans nor Democrats, because we reject both the fiscal totalitarianism of Democrats and the social totalitarianism of Republicans. We can’t really win either way.

This is excruciatingly hard for a conservative lesbian because I believe liberty can only be served by protecting a woman’s right to choose and equality for lesbians and gays, even though that cause doesn’t fare well under Democrats, because they have their own social conservatives to whom they kowtow and gays will ALWAYS be at the back of their bus (except when they are under it).

On the other hand, the gay community is a model of how fiscal conservatism works because discrimination forces us into entrepreneurial careers and self-reliant lives. Our own families, religions and governments gleefully and proudly exclude and abandon us even when this costs us our lives. As a consequence, lesbians and gays know we have to create the businesses, charities, clubs and non-profits to serve our community. We can never trust the government. And gay equality does NOT fare well not only in countries dominated by a single religion but also in socialist and communist countries.

Personally, I think the only reason that lesbians and gays are on the Left is that they were driven out of the Right by social conservatives. The reason that the Left will NEVER give lesbians and gays the advocacy it gives to other minorities is that we cannot be weaponized against capitalism as the others can since capitalism/fiscal conservatism is the only reason we’ve been able to come out and thrive as individuals and communities in the absence of family, religious and governmental support.

What I’m doing by casting my vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket is expressing my belief that they will restore the American economy to prosperity, ensure our armed forces remain strong, support Israel and un-do the damage to foreign policy and relations done by Obama. I also want them to investigate the Benghazi massacre and bring to justice the people in the American chain of command who failed to protect our ambassador and the three other men who died in the consulate attack. I have to hope that the checks-and-balances of our system will check the “values voters” who wish to impose their own religious beliefs on others through the coercive powers of government. But since lesbians and gays lose under both the financial/social totalitarianism of the Left as well as the social totalitarianism of social conservatives, I have to choose the promise of financial prosperity and national security because that gives me the foundation to fight for my equality.

I’ve embedded above the part of Andrew Breitbart’s speech at CPAC 2012 where he explains the reasons to support the Republican nominee. Thanks to the generosity of Instapundit’s readers, I was in the lecture hall when he was speaking. (That’s also why, when a gadfly in the Bloggers’ Lounge attacked him as homophobic, it blew up in her face because he had his arm around me for a photo and I jumped into the fray.) After the jump below, I have linked some posts detailing promises of Obama’s that have had, as we say, “expiration dates” because it is so rude to call them lies. I also have embedded two videos by Bill Whittle. The first appeals to undecideds and third party voters and explains why they should vote for Romney. The second goes over some of the most important promises by Obama that had expiration dates.

Now I’m taking Dad to the polls so we can vote.

Here are the links to posts that detail Obama’s promises that had expiration dates, with bonus crimes, perfidies and treacheries:

Now Bill Whittle speaks to people determined to vote for a third party (and the undecideds) in his video, “Falling on Principle”:

And here is Bill Whittle summarizing the major issues where Obama’s promises had expiration dates, “That Looks Bad”:

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