Day Three, mostly cloudy

by CynthiaYockey on August 16, 2012

I am very grateful to all my donors–enough money came in for the car down payment and the first month’s payment, which is a big load off my mind. There also is enough for me to see a doctor who may have a handle on my idiopathic hypersomnia problem. I hope I have my dear gentle donors support for that. I have to get healthy enough to make the rest of the money needed to pay for the car.

This doctor is one of the top experts in the U.S. on Maharishi Ayurveda, the revived form of the traditional medical system of India. I went to a talk he gave a few months ago and learned that ayurveda has a paradigm for sorting out the cause of hypersomnia and treating it. I know a lot about ayurveda, but that was news to me. When the ground went out from under my feet for the last few days, for no reason I could figure out, it spooked me quite a lot. I have to be well enough to support myself before my father goes. He’s 96, so this is urgent and no one else has any answers. Plus, I credit Maharishi Ayurveda with a great deal of the progress I’ve made over the last year and a half. With recommendations specifically for me, I think I can improve much more quickly.

The other thing about the storm in my head over the last few days is that it seemed to be part of a pattern I have of getting a huge boost from Instapundit, my fellow bloggers and donors, having plenty to say, and then not being able to do it because of a bolt from the blue–just like after CPAC. Stuart Lichtman calls unconscious self-defeating habit patterns like this “blockers” and provides an exercise for clearing them and establishing successful patterns and good luck. What do my dear gentle readers think of my tracking my progress by writing my before-and-after experience of doing the exercise?

By this evening my clarity began to come back. I should be able to write tomorrow–first the plan I want to propose to my donors, then my thank-you notes, then the backlog of posts I’ve been wanting to write.

I am grateful for your support, understanding and patience.

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