The Six Best Ways to Stop Outlook from Double-Spacing Your E-mails

by CynthiaYockey on August 6, 2012

If it drives you crazy that Outlook seems to randomly double-space your double-spaced e-mails, making them quadruple-spaced, has the best explanation of the cause:

When you press Enter while creating HTML email, Outlook inserts a paragraph tag (<p>), so two Enters (for white space between the paragraphs) inserts two <p> tags, which is double spaced when rendered in a browser. If you use Shift+Enter twice, which creates the line break tag (<br>), the message will not look double spaced in a browser. This will look ok in all mail clients.

… and lists the six best ways to stop Outlook from double-spacing your e-mails:

  1. Use plain text for messages. Plain text will look ok in any and every email client available.
  2. Press Enter once, not twice, when composing HTML formatted email.
  3. Press Shift+Enter twice at the end of a paragraph, rather than pressing Enter twice.
  4. Just ignore it as an inconstancy in the way various applications handle HTML.
  5. Edit the email template to add ’12 points after’ in the Normal style.
  6. Use Search and Replace to replace paragraph symbols (^p) with a manual line break(^l).

Read the whole thing.

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