Meet Cleo and her daughter, Ro-Ro

by CynthiaYockey on July 21, 2012

Two elderly cats, Cleo is calico and Ro-Ro is a tortoiseshell tuxedo.

Meet Cleo, the calico on the left, age 19, and her daughter, Ro-Ro, 17.


I adopted Cleo and Ro-Ro on May 13 from neighbors after learning they were facing euthanasia because the neighbors were moving to a rental that would not take cats and had not been able to find them a new home.

The next day I had the vet check them out and got them treatment for their ear mites, plus a shot of prednisone for Cleo to treat her case of rat lip, which made it painful for her to eat and groom herself.

Both kitties have blossomed with their new health, but only Cleo leaves my room. Ro-Ro calls Polar Bear names and screams and hisses when he comes to check her out. This results in squabbles. In  contrast, Cleo radiates serenity and affection, so Polar Bear leaves her alone and she is free to go anywhere in the house while he keeps Ro-Ro bottled up. When Cleo does venture out, she generally makes a beeline for her Grandpa’s lap, which he loves, telling me I’d better feed the scrawny new cat. She gets plenty of food, plus treats of ghee to try to get some weight on her — I think she’s added a few ounces since moving in.

Hubert P. Yockey with an elderly calico cat named Cleo.

Cleo is helping to see my father to bed. She has melted his heart and he is besotted with her.

Hubert P. Yockey lets an elderly calico cat named Cleo drink from a mug of water at his bedside.

Cleo thinks water tastes best from Grandpa's mug. Not to worry, I washed it and refilled it shortly afterwards.

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