Obama’s record on Israel

by CynthiaYockey on March 9, 2012

This video is about 30 minutes, but it is a handy summary of Obama’s record on Israel. It is important because what Obama says and what he promises always have to be tracked. What he says must be checked to see if it is consistent with other statements on that issue — or if what he said was what a particular audience wanted to hear for him to get what he wanted. His promises must be tracked to see what he actually does since he often reneges or he fulfills his promises in a way that betrays its recipients. Obama’s track record on Israel is particularly appalling.

Dear Jeff Dunetz, aka Yid with Lid, asks, “Can you judge Obama by his Jew-hating friends?

Yes, you can, and that judgment was very influential in my vote against Obama in 2008, thanks to the reporting of Ben Shapiro, who is now an editor for Breitbart.com — and whom I got to meet at CPAC last month (thank you, donors!).

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Liz March 10, 2012 at 12:40 pm

Speaking of videos (how’s THAT for a segue?) here’s one that made me laugh so, so hard:


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