Reboot coming, seeking financial angels

by CynthiaYockey on January 27, 2012

I am about to reboot this blog. I have finally worked out how to make the unique contribution to the conservative cause that I’ve been passionate about from the moment I decided to found this blog in January 2009. I’ve also finally figured out how to make money while I’m doing it. And I’ve just found the tools and mentors to teach me how to do it.

I’ve worked hard over the last few months to get my father’s and my financial affairs in order. (I’ll explain how they got out of order in a future post.) The new clarity feels wonderful! We now have an agreement with the IRS for paying my father’s taxes. While the levy of all my father’s income for October has put us two months behind on the mortgage, as long as we don’t fall behind another month, we won’t be in default. I am juggling the other bills — so far, so good. Our current situation is precarious but with hard work and a little luck, I feel certain we’ll pull through.

I can earn my way out of our financial challenges. But to do it I need some financial angels willing to invest in me. I must generate $1500 for my reboot. One of the things I’ll be doing is teaching the fundamental principles of conservatism along with practical solutions to prove to liberals that money comes from ideas, not a black box. I’ll also be featuring experts in wellness and personal transformation, since the heart of the conservative message is about achieving your full potential to enjoy a life of health, abundance and spiritual development.

Here is my offer: I will consider any amount contributed through the “Donate” button in this post to be a loan. I don’t know when I will be able to pay it back, but when I do, I will pay double the amount sent and match it as a donation to the blogger who referred you and recommended me. However, I need an escape clause: God forbid any disaster befalls my father or me, but if one does, I may never be able to pay you back. Please consider that most investments carry that same risk.

The benefit I am planning for the conservative cause is to answer the fundamental objections to conservatism that liberals have. They believe money comes from a black box and the only sure way to get it is to take it from people who have it. They don’t see the “how.” They don’t see the source. Well, I plan to feature experts in the “how” and the source. I’ll also feature success stories. My ambition is to make this a place of education, inspiration, laughter and certainty in my gentle readers in their ability to create a brighter future for themselves and for America. And I will do so in a way that generates money for me so that I will be able to support myself now and in the future without constant fundraising appeals.

If there are at least 40 people who can spare $40, I estimate that I can have my reboot up and running in about nine weeks. I thank all my gentle readers in advance for the treasure of your time in reading my blog. For the dear gentle readers who are unable to spare any money at this time, your prayers and positive thoughts also are a valuable contribution for which I am very grateful. I wish all my dear gentle readers prosperity, health and every blessing always.

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