Stacy McCain explains the problem with Democrats

by CynthiaYockey on August 3, 2011

My only quibble with dear Stacy in his delightful rant is that for any religious or political movement there are real idealists, but the problem is that they are controlled by the swindlers and do nothing about their buying promises of liberty while taking delivery of slavery:

The problem is not merely that Democrats are a bunch of cheap swindlers who cash in by pretending to believe in lofty humanitarian ideals. Rather, the problem is that their “lofty humanitarian ideals” are a one-way ticket to totalitarianism.

We should thank God the Democrats are corrupt, I say, because the radical utopian dreams they promise their dimwitted followers are dangerous, and could only be achieved through a regime of brutal coercion enforced by a ruthless army of unflinching goons.

You know — like the Transportation Security Administration.

But Stacy provides this ray of hope:

Becoming a conservative doesn’t mean you have to quit hating Republicans.

In fact, looking around the blogosphere — or listening to Mark Levin on the radio — the past few days, I’d dare say nobody hates Republicans right now more than conservatives do.



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