The 25 most unlikely Palin fans

by CynthiaYockey on August 1, 2011

I just noticed for the first time that Conservatives4Palin has a series entitled, “The 25 most unlikely Palin fans,” with Kevin DuJan of HillBuzz being profiled today as number 7. I don’t know why I can’t get anyone from Conservatives4Palin to answer my e-mails, although it’s been a year since I last tried — perhaps everyone was very busy back then. I would certainly love to open a line a communication with them since Gov. Palin is the candidate I support for the Republican nomination. I hope that if I didn’t make the cut for the top 25 that the list gets expanded to include me and made my case as follows in a comment:

I am a staunch supporter of Gov. Palin and I hope that your list of “Most Unlikely Palin Fans” is expanded to include me and my blog, A Conservative Lesbian.

I’ve also been taking time off from my blog for my health, so I have not been very active since November. But please keep me on your radar since I’m working on my health and finances this year so that I will have a strong foundation for our fight in 2012 for the future of America.

I became a fan of Gov. Palin’s the moment she had the majesty of soul to thank Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro in her first moments on the national stage. I think Gov. Palin is the right person to be America’s next president because she always speaks and works to bring out the highest and best in everyone. And Gov. Palin understands liberty.

I have to admit that I have been reserved in expressing my emotions about Gov. Palin as effusively as Kevin does. The presence of lesbians and gays as conservatives in the conservative movement is so new, I have been concerned that any positive feelings I would express would be interpreted as a sexual attraction. Certainly Gov. Palin is a very beautiful woman, but that is not why I love, respect and admire her. She reminds me of the greatest leader I’ve ever known, my own late life partner of over 20 years, who gave me her secret of leadership: when you want people to do something, ask yourself, “What would make them want to do it?” It looks to me that Gov. Palin has the same philosophy of leadership and goes about it the same way — putting her attention on the greatness in us all and calling it into manifestation. Gov. Palin’s ability to inspire people to positive action and her executive skills make her the only prospective candidate who can restore America’s greatness as president. That is why I support her.


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Liz August 1, 2011 at 9:05 pm

One of the commenters – who’s actually a friend of mine – on Hillbuzz said she was sick of the surprise whenever it turns out that Palin has fans and supporters! Some of whom are LGBT! And black! Etc.!

I can see her point, because I’m also annoyed by all the people – on the right, of all places – who keep acting like that’s a surprise. Surely by now it’s a given that she has lots of supporters from many different backgrounds?

But, depressing as it is, I think the challenge right now is persuading her fans and people who are on the fence that they’re not alone. It’s like what Glenn Reynolds described as the “preference cascade”.

Peter W. Davis August 1, 2011 at 11:56 pm

 Well, we at this house are not unlikely Palin supporters, being more on the lines of what city folks think of and (for some really strange reasons) fear when they dream of Palin’s fans.

 I’m mean, okay, I know I’m an ol’ Texas country-boy redneck. I know this and don’t much care if city people don’t like me because I’m not all re-feened. Still, when  we go in the “quality’s” houses we make sure not to spit terbaccy juice on the carpets and all. We even take our spurs off before we get in bed!

 Goverrnor Palin getts it. She knows that everyone who supports her isn’t just exactly like her. Mostly Gov. Palin’s supporters know that her supporters are all individuals. Individual means different, right?

 You want homogenized beliefs the Palin campaign ain’t the place. You need to move far to the left for that. Say the way the real Obama supporters act toward Althouse who is really only tryin’ to keep Obama to his ’08 promises, yet the wild lefty types call her (wait for it) CONSERVATIVE!

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