Phyllis Chesler needs donors and subscribers to continue

by CynthiaYockey on July 6, 2011

Phyllis Chesler needs donors and subscribers to continue her work in the fight against anti-semitism and for equality for women everywhere — please go and read her post and donate — here is a sample:

I have done the first and only major academic studies about honor killing; both appear in Middle East Quarterly and at my own website. I and am now at work on a third such study. I have been condemned by many western feminists for this work. No feminist group, individual, or philanthropist has funded this work, nor have they funded my coverage of Islamic gender apartheid in both Muslim-majority countries and in the West. This includes Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and ex-Muslim feminists and anti-jihad activists who frequently quote from my work and who privately acknowledge it. My work on behalf of girls and women in flight from being honor murdered and who are seeking asylum in the United States has similarly gone unfunded.

This work, which I have undertaken with my whole heart and mind is a crucial part of defending Western values, defending both America and Israel, defending the human rights of women, Muslim and ex-Muslim dissidents, and religious minorities trapped under Muslim rule. It also constitutes bridge-building and is meant to address the “hearts and minds” of those who live in the West and those who live in jihadic civilizations.

Dr. Chesler’s annual expenses to do this work are $100,000 to $125,000, which does not include any compensation for her. Please read about the projects she is working on and those she has planned — they deserve the financial support Dr. Chesler needs to complete them. The Afghan book she has planned probably refers to her marriage in her idealistic youth to an Afghani Muslim, which she was lucky to escape with her life. This will be a very important and timely book and I hope she gets to write it.


Dr. Chesler — I do have a suggestion for you: include a PayPal subscription button with your PayPal donation button. If you had 2,000 subscribers paying $5/month, that would provide you with the money you need to continue your unique work. It also might motivate more people to subscribe instead of reading for free if you included a graphic showing progress to each month’s subscription goal. Specific targets and progress reports do motivate people to action.



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