10 more reasons for a truce on social issues so we can handle the fiscal ones

by CynthiaYockey on February 20, 2011

Dear Little Miss Attila links a post with 10 charts showing why DOOM for the U.S. economy is upon us RIGHT NOW. While there are social conservatives who claim they can handle social and fiscal policies at the same time, so far it looks to me like doing the hard work of administering the remedies of fiscal conservatism is always pushed off to the indefinite future while the non-stop battle to get at the coercive powers of government to destroy the lives of gay people is prosecuted with a vengeance.

And notice that I say “hard work” instead of “hard choices.” That’s because the “hard choices” politicians make tend to fall heavily on the vulnerable and always on people who aren’t them. No, by “hard work” I mean the effort required at the local, state and national levels to get rid of taxes and regulations that kill entrepreneurship, strangle businesses, chase manufacturing out of the U.S., kill jobs, make us dependent on foreign oil, raise the price of electricity — we need more nuclear reactors — and discourage investment. They also can’t be bothered to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws.

Our best hope for escaping the economic disaster that is upon us is to get to work applying these remedies because they create wealth and produce prosperity. It sounds prudent to talk of cutting the budget, but the cuts terrify so many people who can vote against them that they won’t get made. We must create prosperity and it’s going to require all our attention.

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