Iowahawk suspended in First Amendment outrage

by CynthiaYockey on November 9, 2010

First National Public Radio fires Juan Williams for daring to admit that when he gets a little nervous when anyone sitting next to him on an airplane gives him a business card identifying himself as a member of the Army of Allah and tells him it is the duty of Muslims to cut off the heads of infidels and pour boiling oil down their throats. Oh, wait, no, I’m thinking of Army psychiatrist and Ft. Hood mass murderer Nidal Malik Hasan. Juan Williams was fired for saying he gets worried when he’s on an airplane with people wearing clothes that show they identify first and foremost as people whose duty is to cut off the heads of infidels and pour boiling oil down their throats. BIG difference.

Then MSNBC suspends anchor Keith Olbermann — who is highly regarded for his rectitude and even-handed reporting by all the voices in his head — for the piddling ethics violations of donating money to the campaigns of political candidates on top of all the millions of dollars of publicity he already lavished on them at no charge by giving them fawning interviews and fulminating against their foes on his cable news show.

And now — the horror! — Iowahawk is the latest victim of an attack on a heroic news commentator for expressing his First Amendment rights! Tense negotiations have been underway all day on Twitter between Iowahawk management, aka “I,” and Iowahawk, aka “me.” However, there IS hope that this impasse will be broken soon thanks to mediation to be conducted by Iowahawk “myself.” The first negotiation with Iowahawk “me,” “myself” and “I” is scheduled tonight at 8 pm, CT, in Chicago. Hopefully, this meeting will produce a happy ending to our national nightmare and restore Iowahawk to his rightful perch in the blogosphere.

Update, 11/9/10, Tues.: Welcome, Iowahawk readers! I don’t quite know whether I have to thank Iowahawk “me,” “myself” or “I” for the link, so I’m sending my shout-out to all three. For breaking news on the outcome of the Iowahawk “Night Train” summit, follow @iowahawkblog on Twitter (and while you’re in the neighborhood, @conservativelez, too).

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