Lady Gaga addresses the Senate via YouTube on ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’

by CynthiaYockey on September 17, 2010

One of the most amazing, joyful, electric experiences I’ve ever had in my life was to be in the front of the crowd at last year’s gay and lesbian March for Equality when Lady Gaga came to the microphone to speak. She was the only speaker to address Obama directly and call on him to get laws ensuring gay equality passed. She inspires joy and unleashes creativity in her fans. She makes the effort to BE good and to do right. Lady Gaga has called on her fans to be sexually abstinent. She recently appeared in an outfit made of meat. Really, conservatives, what’s not to love about this accomplished and intelligent young woman that we can’t make allowances for considering how comprehensively the Leftist media control our schools and how every single controversial issue is framed?

Allahpundit correctly cautions Hot Air readers not to be dismissive of Lady Gaga:

… I agree with her on “don’t ask, don’t tell” and think her approach here is kind of sweet. No stunts, no histrionics, just making the case. If you’re a celebrity and you want into the political arena, this is the way to do it: Keep it low key. (Gaga herself hasn’t always heeded that advice.)


Update: Commenters are already asking, “Who cares?” Well, like it or not, when it comes to social media, Gaga is the biggest phenomenon on the planet. She beat Obama to 10 million “fans” on Facebook and became the most followed person in the world on Twitter just a few weeks ago. A lot of young voters will watch this spot. It’s not as insignificant as you think.

Lady Gaga also was the first person to get more than a BILLION views on YouTube. This makes the fact that she is using YouTube to make her appeal to her fans to call the Senate to support the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” even more significant — and powerful.

Lady Gaga is approaching her fame and sudden wealth with more sanity, sobriety and responsibility than any other celebrity I can think of. These all bode well, especially since she is just 24. She deserves to be treated with respect because, unlike so many, she will hear out other points of view. Why, that alone ought to tell us she’s really a conservative at heart!

Plus, seriously, how utterly delicious is it that Lady Gaga is NOT on Obama’s fake timetable for the when-hell-freezes-over repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell”? LOVE. LADY. GAGA!

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Liz September 18, 2010 at 7:43 am

I thought Harry Reid was scheduling a vote to repeal DADT? Or would Obama and the Democrats too scared of alienating blacks and Hispanics to try that?

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