A Conservative Lesbian blegs for donations to attend Blogcon and the 9/12 March

by CynthiaYockey on September 9, 2010

I hope some of my dear gentle readers will be willing and able to donate a total of at least $400 to assist me with my expenses to attend Blogcon in Washington, D.C., from today through Sept. 11 and the 9/12 March on Sunday. I’m really only asking for help with paying Awesome Nephew for working 24/7 to care for Dad while I’m away. I know some readers think he should work for free, but he’s got to trade his time for money while he’s working his way through college so I am competing for his time. He does the most work and the best job for the least money. He’s also agreed to my IOU, so please donate even though Blogcon starts today. My other expenses will be $80 to $110 for parking at the hotel, Metro fares (about $30), meals ($60) and gas and tolls ($30). So the real total I have to cover is about $630. FreedomWorks is paying for my hotel room. If I raise more than $630, I will apply the money to attending Homocon in New York City on Sept. 25 to hear Ann Coulter speak.

I appreciate the generosity of my dear gentle readers. I am working to make enough money from my writing so that I will not constantly be making these appeals.

Update, 9/9/10, Thurs.: I forgot to add the PayPal button:

Update, almost 1 am, 9/10/10, Fri.: Dear Stacy McCain is here at Blogcon and features a photo of me with CPAC Director Lisa De Pasquale, who is not a lesbian, even if she IS attending Homocon to hear her friend, Ann Coulter. I had a wonderful chat with Lisa Thursday evening and promised to vouch for her, not-being-a-lesbian-wise, what with me being an authority on the subject and all.

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Peter September 11, 2010 at 11:18 pm

Um, why should we care if this lady is or is not a lesbian? Gee, I’m not a lesbian either, unless I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. Or course, that’s possible, I’ve always liked women. Never did go through that girls are icky stage.

Seriously, glad you’re there and glad you’re having a good time. I only wish I had the bucks to have sent you there in a limo and staying in the penthouse. Of course, knowing you, you would have taken the bus, slept on someone’s couch and bought plants and cat treats with the extra.

CynthiaYockey September 12, 2010 at 7:25 pm


You are a regular dear gentle reader who gives me the treasure of his time and comments.

Re penthouse vs. couch, yes, you pretty well have my number. However, I am quite the princess-and-the-pea about my sleeping arrangements — I don’t sleep very well, even on a bed, without a memory foam topper. I took mine with me but left it in the car because of all the stories recently about bedbugs. I’m glad to say our hotel was free of them and my stay was very pleasant. I was on home turf in Washington, D.C., but I am very much the country mouse in nice hotels although the bonus is that my joy in the experience is multiplied by not being jaded or taking it for granted.


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