Save Stogie from foreclosure

by CynthiaYockey on August 2, 2010

Last year when Stacy McCain was under attack by the Left, Stogie helped to rout the attackers thanks to his personal knowledge that they were using bogus charges. Now Stogie is in trouble — he has been out of work for over a year. His savings have run out. He has missed his July mortgage payment and might miss August, too. Bill collectors are calling. Even a small donation will help because every donation gives him another reason to hope and loosens the grip of fear so he can think properly and make a new plan.

If you are wondering — yes, the book I advertise here, Stuart Lichtman’s How to Get Lots of Money for Anything — Fast,* DOES help in situations like this because it teaches you how to get your conscious and unconscious minds to work in harmony to achieve your goals and shows you how to turn self-defeating patterns into supportive ones. If you are skeptical about it because I’m recommending it and I’m not rich — now — that’s because I haven’t really described the challenges I’ve had to overcome.

I’ve decided it’s time to do that because it will put posts I’m planning on the nature of conservatism versus the nature of liberalism in context. I’ve held back because I was worried about affecting my ability to get a job in the future — you know, like nothing else I’ve written here would ever come back and bite me in the ass. However, my best hope is to make it as a writer and entrepreneur, so it’s time to commit and that means being forthcoming about my challenges. My intention is that my dear gentle readers will see the congruence between my life and my writing and that people with similar challenges will see their path to overcoming them.

Right now — please help Stogie by going to his place and clicking his “Donate” button.

*This is an affiliate link, which means I receive a commission if you buy the book and do not tamper with the link. The book is worth more than Stuart charges for it and he provides a LOT of value for the money, including how to apply his techniques to finding the perfect job, losing weight (it works!) and finding your perfect spouse or business partner. If you are intrigued, but on the fence, then try his free mini-course.

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WaltzingMtilda August 4, 2010 at 2:30 am

Just wanted to chime in…I purchased the book through this site and Cynthia is right. It’s not about mega-millions (though it could be if that’s what you truly need, but, c’mon, who really does?) it’s about what you need now.

Let it bite you in the ass, Cynthia. I’m tired of holding back, too. The Bloggess, whom I found through you, says (and I paraphrase A LOT) “I decided to give myself a year to write and I stumbled and THEN I FOUND MY VOICE.” (only she doesn’t yell like I did on that last part).


CynthiaYockey August 4, 2010 at 4:52 pm


THANK YOU!!! Your response is transformative for me! Yes, I’ll start this week on the posts that will provide the foundation and context for my journey, especially the one ahead of me. I also will tell the story of how much the financial help from my readers at the end of May changed my life.

And thanks for your observation about Stuart’s book. I’m taking a course from him now and will be writing about that, too.

I send love and hugs, too!


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