Merrie Street for Register of Wills in Harford County, Maryland

by CynthiaYockey on July 12, 2010

Merrie Street is the Republican candidate for Register of Wills in Harford County, Maryland, whom I support as the person who will do the best job when she is elected. However, it’s the darnedest thing, since Republicans and conservatives are so energized this year, Merrie is one of five candidates seeking the Republican nomination for Register of Wills in the primary vote on Sept. 14.

I’ve known Merrie over 40 years because we went to high school together — go Bobcats! — Bel Air High School class of ’71. It has been a great pleasure to see her rise in her career as a journalist and communications professional. She knows how to organize information, present it to people and get them to connect with it. This is amazingly crucial for the job of Register of Wills because people shrink from the task of making their wills, or fail to change their wills when their wishes or circumstances alter, which can add thousands of dollars and untold grief and acrimony to settling their estates. As Merrie explained to me from a case she followed recently of a fairly small estate of $350,000, which can come just from owning a house free and clear, the way a will is drawn up can mean the difference between being able to go through probate on your own or having to pay an attorney over $8,000 to do it for you.

If Merrie wins the Republican nomination for Harford County Register of Wills on Sept. 14 and wins in the general election on Nov. 2, she’s going to put in place the informational and outreach programs that will save Harford countians money and grief — she’s the only candidate with the smarts, the heart and the savvy to do it.

For more information, and to volunteer and donate to Merrie’s campaign, her website is My Register of Wills and her campaign’s Facebook fan page is Merrie Street for Register of Wills in Harford County, MD.


I made this YouTube video from an interview with Merrie during the Independence Day Tea Party in Bel Air, Maryland, held on July 3. That’s why there’s someone speaking to a crowd over a PA system in the background.

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I R A Darth Aggie July 12, 2010 at 9:52 pm

Wait…y’all have a seperate job position for the filing of wills???

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