Dude, it was Shane, played by Kate Moennig

by CynthiaYockey on April 7, 2010

Screen capture of a Tweet by popular teen singer, Justin Bieber, saying, "Someone approached me today and asked me if I was that chick from The L Word..."I think it’s true just about every lesbian has a Shane in her past. I do. And I never got over how much mine looked EXACTLY like Kate Moennig, who played Shane in “The ‘L’ Word.” Shane started out as a villain and heartbreaker. I think Ms. Moennig herself has a capacity for empathy and decency. I suspect that she influenced the writers to move Shane’s role in those directions, which made both Shane and the show much more watchable.

Frankly, I think the lesbian community would benefit from having some shows that have a sunnier disposition and have that “and they lived happily ever after” quality. Well, that’s the kind of show I would write any way — pretty much because that’s the kind of show I would enjoy watching. What? “Pretty Woman” is a fairy tale, complete with a knight in shining limo ending. Like that, but on OUR terms.

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Ad rem April 7, 2010 at 4:05 pm

I’m reveling in all your new posts! It’s been a long four days…..

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