Obamacare has no privacy protections for electronic medical records

by CynthiaYockey on March 27, 2010

Megan Kelly reminds viewers that an Obama supporter in Ohio’s state government used her access to government databases to publicize embarrassing details of the private life of Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, aka “Joe the Plumber.” Oh, and remember WHY the Obama campaign did that? Recall that Obama came to his neighborhood for a photo op and Joe asked him a question. The Obama campaign set out to destroy Joe the Plumber because Obama’s answer revealed his socialist beliefs — the ones Obama and everyone supporting him denied he had until they admitted this week that Obama ran on a platform of socialism.

Note to my dear liberal gentle readers — I know you’re there! — this is a capitalism and liberty vs. socialism and statism argument. Until Obamacare passed, under capitalism and liberty, our government and economy were structured to create the conditions for individuals to make the most of themselves — liberty — and taxes were kept low enough so individuals could get the capital to make their dreams come true AND keep enough of the money they made to have incentive to do everything necessary to realize their dreams — capitalism.

Socialism sounds benign superficially because it appears to create a more comprehensive safety net than capitalism does. However, this requires the surrender to the state of the liberty to make individual choices. The state then plans and dominates virtually every aspect of your life — statism. However, a few individual bureaucrats and politicians are NOT as smart as the combined intelligence of all individuals having the liberty to fulfill their full potential. So statism turns to be malignant because it crushes individual initiative and stagnates the economy. That is why conservatives supported healthcare reform that preserved liberty and capitalism and fought Obamacare, which imposes socialism and statism on America.

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