My Maine man, Andrew Ian Dodge, on repealing Obamacare

by CynthiaYockey on March 22, 2010

I met conservative blogger Andrew Ian Dodge and his wife at CPAC last month and took an instant shine to him (both of them, really). I know, I know, I fall in love with practically everyone at CPAC. We’ll let that be our little secret. Andrew lives in Maine and is a Tea Party organizer there, so Maine TV station WCSH6 interviewed him today in the video above. I think he nailed two of the biggest conservative objections to Obamacare — it does not mandate tort reform and it does not lift the barriers to competition between health insurance companies across state lines.

As it happens, today I ordered two of Andrew’s books from Amazon, shown below for your convenience. (If you buy anything from Amazon after clicking these links, Amazon pays me a small commission but there’s no extra cost to you.)

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Alcove-One March 22, 2010 at 10:30 pm

Great to see Andrew pointing out the flaws of this thing but watch the segment carefully. He shares the segment with a pro-health reform protest, White House talking points, Nancy P. and her big hammer, a pro-health reform Congresswoman, and a pro-health reform guest and his talking points.
Andrew getting 35 seconds in a two minute package is the closest we can expect to fair and balanced I suppose.
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Ad rem March 23, 2010 at 1:51 pm


Do you receive monies from Amazon for any purchase we make, or just the specific books pictured above? Please advise, as we were considering ordering a new Mac through Amazon, and we would love to see you benefit in some way.

Cynthia Yockey March 23, 2010 at 3:16 pm

Ad rem,

Thank you! Yes, I just looked at Amazon’s rules and if you click one of my Amazon affiliate links — and my father’s book is an Amazon link that’s always available — I receive a commission on the qualifying products you buy after you click over to Amazon, not just the product I linked. Practically everything on Amazon is a “qualifying product.” Basically, for me to qualify for the commission, you have to add the product(s) to your shopping cart in a single session and complete the purchase within 89 days of adding the product(s) to your shopping cart. However, the single session ends after 24 hours, or if you buy a non-digital product (I guess by entering the site directly or through someone else’s affiliate link — I don’t understand what they mean), or if you enter Amazon directly or through a different person’s affiliate link.

The simple version is that Amazon credits me with the affiliate commission for the eligible products, tangible and digital, that you buy within 24 hours of clicking my affiliate link to enter You do not have to buy the linked product. I receive a commission on all the eligible products you put in your shopping cart in a single shopping session after you pay for them.

I really appreciate my gentle readers doing any of their Amazon shopping from my Web site — as noted above, I always have the Amazon advertisement for my father’s book available to click.

How kind of you to think of me! And you know what’s funny? There are several books I’d like to buy on Amazon — by David Horowitz, Phyllis Chesler and other conservative authors — so it’s likely whatever money I receive as a commission I will spend on Amazon using the affiliate link at a blog friend’s site so she makes some money.


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