Dan Collins, altered mental status

by CynthiaYockey on February 20, 2010

Dear Dan Collins of POWIP (Piece of Work in Progress) was admitted to the hospital Friday morning with low blood pressure and altered mental status. The last update from Enoch at POWIP was around 4 pm when Dan was oriented but speaking “like a moderate drunk.”

Please pray for Dan and his family, and for his doctors to make the correct diagnosis this time and to have an effective treatment.

(I was going to write about the anti-gay kid getting booed off the stage Friday evening at CPAC, but this is more important and I’ll write about that tomorrow. At the time I was sitting with a group of bloggers in the Marriott-Wardman’s bar — Little Miss Attila, Fausta, Obi’s Sister, Baldilocks and Babalu when a Danish blogger named Eric joined us and told us about it.)

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Dan Collins February 20, 2010 at 6:44 pm

Thanks, Cynthia, I’m headed home, shortly. Still a little woozy, but otherwise all right. This time, they assure me, the blood samples for gas chromatography won’t be mislaid.

Say hi to all at CPAC, and I hope you’re having a blast.

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