Hitler finds out Phil Jones has admitted 'climate change' science isn't settled

by CynthiaYockey on February 16, 2010

H/T Bookworm Room

This video actually is an amazingly good summary of the melting of the anthropogenic global warming hoax now re-branded as “climate change,” which seems like a safe enough position to hold since change is what the climate does all the time.

I have pretty much recovered from shoveling the record snowfalls we received here in northern Maryland. About all I’ve done this month is prepare for, deal with and recover from the snowfalls. I have a lot of things to catch up on. I haven’t finished working my way through all the comments that accumulated while I was too tired/sore to deal with them. In addition, I wanted to write a post explaining my objections to Gay Patriot and various positions taken by Daniel Blatt, but CPAC starts on Thursday and goes until Saturday evening, Feb. 18-20. I have to prepare for that so it looks like I won’t be able to get that done until after CPAC. I see from the comments to my post on Gay Patriot West that Gay Patriot, Bruce, the founder of the blog, is irritated with me, too. I know Bruce and I are scheduled to be in at least one meeting together, pre-CPAC on Wednesday. This is a discussion that SHOULD be taking place in the open between our blogs. I intend to continue it.

And really — how is it possible there are gay men who have NOT had an outraged lesbian grab them by the shoulders, rant at them, and shake them until they rattle in order to raise their consciousness on some issue? It’s. What. We. DO!

However, I do want to note how much the reactions of Gay Patriot (Bruce) and Gay Patriot West (Daniel Blatt) contrast sharply with those of Stacy McCain, my dear friend and frequent antagonist on the issues of homosexual equality, gay marriage and feminism. Really, click my categories “Stacy McCain of The Other McCain,” and “Robert Stacy McCain” and see what a true professional and good sport he is. It won’t be hard to figure out why I stick up for Stacy, regardless of our opposition on issues we each hold so close to our hearts.

By the way, I plan never to have a public fight with Hill Buzz because our communication is excellent so I would never have to, I adore the Hill Buzz boys, we’ve been supportive of one another from the get-go, and when they criticize the gay community, they do it pretty much from the same place I do — it’s regarding specific people from their past or present. Also, when Kevin, et al., write, they unite reason, love, passion, duty and a fine sense of right and wrong. Their posts always are worth reading because I always learn something I didn’t know and wanted to learn, or my heart is warmed or I get a laugh — like their post today on the meltdown of the religion of anthropogenic global warming with a funny illustration featuring Al Gore.

For my dear gentle readers who are concerned about my father, my awesome nephew will be looking after him when I am in Washington, D.C., at CPAC, assisted by our kitties.

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