Chris Matthews: 'For an hour I forgot he was black'

by CynthiaYockey on January 29, 2010

This post is a two-fer.

Chris Matthews’ remark on MSNBC after Obama’s State of the Union speech, “For an hour I forgot he was black,” rightly has been ridiculed as revealing an all-consuming racism and, apparently, the fact that for the very first time Matthews, did what conservatives have been doing, which is consider Obama on the content of his character and the consequences of his policies.

Instapundit linked the send-up of Matthews’ revelation by Wyatt Cenac at Comedy Central, which helped me find the piece Cenac did for Martin Luther King Day on Harry Reid’s remarks on Obama being electable because he is a light-skinned Negro who does not speak in “Negro dialect” unless he wants to. If you are as angry with Donna Brazile for her role in stealing the nomination from Hillary in 2008 and handing it to Obama as I am, then the expression on her face in the second clip below at 3:36 will make you spew and/or pee in your pants. You’ve been warned.

Here is Wyatt Cenac on Chris Matthews’ SOTU commentary, “For an hour I forgot Obama was black”:

And here is Wyatt Cenac in Las Vegas, Nevada — Harry Reid’s state — to collect his apology from Reid for Reid’s “light-skinned Negro/Negro dialect” remarks — the best moment is Donna Brazile at 3:36:

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See Afrocity’s Tweety alert, “Who knew Obama was black?

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smitty January 29, 2010 at 9:58 pm

Wyatt was excellent in that clip.
Extremely well delivered, though I find ethnic humor tedious.
.-= smitty´s last blog ..WE’VE MOVED! =-.

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