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by CynthiaYockey on December 28, 2009

Once upon a time, when I read newspapers, specifically, the Washington Post, I loved Dave Barry’s column, especially his annual review of the past year. My favorite joke from one of these is from 1997. Early in the piece Barry writes that foreign car manufacturers have agreed to level the playing field against American carmakers by giving all their future models really ugly names. Then, toward the end, he has Motor Trend magazine naming as its “Car of the Year, the Nissan Rat Vomit.”

Barry’s column reviewing 2009 is one of his best ever, and surprisingly, leans conservative. Here’s a sample, in keeping with the theme of the competitiveness of American car manufacturers:

General Motors, which has sold only one car in the past year — a Buick LaCrosse mistakenly purchased by an 87-year-old man who thought he was buying a power scooter — announces a new four-part business plan, consisting of (1) dealership closings; (2) factory shutdowns; (3) worker layoffs; and (4) traveling backward through time to 1955.

H/T Kathy Shaidle, Moe Lane and Instapundit.

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Attmay December 28, 2009 at 10:34 pm

I recall reading somewhere that Dave Barry is a libertarian (it might have been the party’s web site), either way this is a great article.

I hope you had a merry Christmas, and I hope that 2010 is better than 2009. It’s hard for it to get worse, but not impossible.

Cynthia Yockey December 28, 2009 at 11:36 pm


Christmas was quiet, but very pleasant, with just my father and me. My brother had a cold, so we postponed the festivities.

You know, I think we can make 2010 better than 2009 because the Left and Center are well on their way to figuring out that Obama says one thing but does another. We need to keep up our courage and articulate to voters that the policies we support of lower taxes and smaller government, capitalism and advancement based on merit are the drivers of job creation, wealth creation and a robust economy. We need to do more to show them how. I think the main reason people turn to statism is a failure of imagination.

Anyway, I wish you and all my other dear gentle readers a happy new year and every blessing now and always of spiritual enlightenment, progress, prosperity, wisdom, success, perfect health, good luck, friends, happy families and love.


sybilll December 29, 2009 at 4:34 pm

Cynthia, that was, indeed, one of Barry’s best year-end columns. Funny stuff. And, yes, Barry is a libertarian. You can search Reason for a great interview with him. Cynthia, Happy New Year to you, too! I dreaded 2009 coming, (for obvious reasons), but, I sure as hell am looking forward to 2010. Maybe we could borrow that witch Pelosi’s broom, when we sweep the rats out!

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