A Cracking of the Heart — and an opening to transcendence

by CynthiaYockey on December 23, 2009

My review of David Horowitz’s most recent book, A Cracking of the Heart, was published at Pajamas Media today. It is about his late daughter, Sarah Horowitz, and I have to admit I fell in love with her as I read this book. I don’t say so in the review, but I also was filled with admiration at Horowitz’s ability to select exactly the most important and meaningful aspects of Sarah’s life, writing and spiritual journey to include. His book allows his daughter to shine — the ability to step back like that is very rare. The more attention I put into this book, the more I was rewarded. For its account of the spiritual journey and dialog between an ex-Leftist Right-wing father and a Left-wing daughter of enormous compassion and integrity, it is an extraordinary and extremely important book. I hope it gets made into a movie — I think it will take that for people to appreciate what an important conversation took place between this father and this daughter. (Remember that I am a daughter who edits her father’s work, so this is a dynamic I live, too.)

My review begins as follows (click the link above to read the rest):

For those of us who didn’t have the honor and pleasure of knowing Sarah Horowitz, her father has collected her work, insights into her spiritual journey, and his thoughts on his late daughter’s life into a new book. David Horowitz’s A Cracking of the Heart refers both to the pain of the death of a loved one and to the opening of the heart to transcendence.

One of the greatest blessings of A Cracking of the Heart is that it also is a dialogue between two insightful souls: an ex-leftist, conservative father and an idealistic, progressive daughter, each wrestling with the questions of how to be good and how to do good from the point of view of their respective philosophies. Both recognized that neither side could hold a monopoly on goodness because, as the author quotes Solzhenitsyn, “the line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either — but right through the human heart, and through all human hearts.”

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