That was a lot of snow

by CynthiaYockey on December 21, 2009

Two feet of snow fell here on Saturday and I spent most of Sunday digging out the walkway and driveway. Then I spent the rest of Sunday and today recovering.

However, I did read up a bit today on the Senate’s vote on the healthcare reform bill. I agree with the rants on HillBuzz — in fact, I’m not sure they went far enough. The determination of Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress continually to say one thing and do another — in secret — and to spend money we don’t have with no regard for sanity does more than point to an intention to impose socialism on the U.S. against the will of the majority of voters. Their gleeful disregard for the will of the voters makes me wonder if what we are watching is a slow-motion coup and whether the reason none of the Democrats are worried about losing their jobs is because the 2010 elections will be so corrupt that their outcome is pre-determined or because they have a plan for suspending the electoral process in 2010.

I’ve mentioned before that Obama pledging that he will stand on a principle even if it means he will be a one-term president is a chilling promise, if you’re like me and think he intends to be president-for-life and therefore only needs that one term.

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Stinky December 22, 2009 at 4:01 pm

I agree – these politicians are the living definition of self-interest, so why the lack of fear over the destruction of their political careers?

Peter December 22, 2009 at 10:08 pm

It is actually pretty simple. there are so many boards, commissions and committees in this legislation that every Rep and Senator that every one of these chuckleheads that is voted out can look forward to a lifetime job in government service as the head of one of them, say the denial of life-saving care because the patient voted for a Republican back in 1976, or the no medicine because the patient said something nice about Sarah Palin once.

The main thing we must do is, like Prohibition, break every one of these new laws. Simply ignore this, the laws about light bulbs, and all those other ones. They are already letting genuine criminals out of prison because they can’t afford to keep them locked up. So, what can they really do?

I R A Darth Aggie December 22, 2009 at 11:03 pm

The lack of fear is because they believe that if they get HCR thru, they’ll shortly regain those seats, then jam thru amnesty for illegal aliens…err…undocumented workers and become the permanent majority party.

Even if we become a 3rd world country in the process.

How hard would it be to learn Mandarin?

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