Stand on the chair and use my binoculars

by CynthiaYockey on October 21, 2009

The story today of a Virginia man who was arrested for walking around inside his own home naked based on the complaint of a woman who saw him when she was trespassing on his property reminds me of an old joke that I read as a child, I think in a Bennett Cerf book of jokes:

An old maid calls the police to complain about a man in a nearby home who keeps exposing himself. So a police officer comes to her home to investigate her complaint. “Where is the man who is exposing himself?” the officer asks her. The old maid takes him to a window and points in the direction of the offender. The police officer looks and looks and finally tells the old maid, “I’ve looked as hard as I can and I don’t see anyone.” To which the old maid replies, “Stand on the chair and use my binoculars!”

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