Shelter in a storm, your willow when the sun is out

by CynthiaYockey on October 20, 2009

You can listen to a YouTube of the recorded version of Joan Armatrading singing “Willow” here, but it does not permit embedding. However, it does include the link to Ms. Armatrading’s Web site and a link to buy the song on iTunes.

Willow by Joan Armatrading

I may not be your best
But you know good ones
Don’t come by the score
If you’ve got something missing
I’ll help you look
You can be sure
And if you want to be alone
Or someone to share a laugh
Whatever you want to do
All you got to do is ask
Don’t go under the sheets
Under a tree
In the rain and snow
I’ll be your fireside
Come running to me
When things get out of hand
Running to me
When it’s more than you can stand
I said I’m strong
To be a shelter
In a storm
Your willow
Oh willow
When the sun is out
A fight with your best girl
Prettiest thing you ever saw
You know I’ll listen
Try to get a message to her
And if it’s money you want
Or trouble halved
Whatever you want me to do
All you got to do is ask
I said I’m strong
To be a shelter
In a storm
Your willow
Oh willow
When the sun is out

In the 1980’s and 90’s I  think Margaret and I were able to see Joan Armatrading in concert almost every time she came to the Washington, D.C., area. I think the first concert we ever attended together was Joan Armatrading at the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Constitution Hall in D.C. in the fall of 1984 and I recall standing up with the audience and dancing — Margaret could still walk a bit then, so I think she stood up and danced, too.

I think the last time we saw Joan Armatrading she performed at Wolf Trap in Virginia. Her concert included her playing a tedious jazz guitar solo, like she wanted people to be impressed and take her more seriously because she could play the guitar as well as thousands of snobby studio musicians, neglecting the fact that NOT ONE other person in the world has a luminous voice like hers. I suspect envious narcissistic studio musicians did the same thing to end Joni Mitchell’s career as a singer by undermining her faith in the music that made her famous and convincing her that she could only be a serious musician if she turned to jazz.

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Peter October 21, 2009 at 12:51 am

So THAT’S what happened to Joni Michell. I’ve always been into Country but still loved her music. I have never heard of Ms. Armatrading. I’ll have to give her a listen.

Chlorian Theoreticus October 21, 2009 at 4:22 pm

Joan Armatrading is awesome, and not nearly as well know here in the States as she deserves to be.

(By the way, I listened to Joan Armatrading while reading your dad’s book (the best book ever written on information theory in biology).)

Your blog is wonderful. (I de-linked LGF at my own blog and replaced it with a link to you.)
.-= Chlorian Theoreticus´s last blog ..Obama and the Dalai Lama =-.

Cynthia Yockey October 21, 2009 at 7:47 pm

Chlorian Theoreticus,

Thank you for your praise for my father’s book and my blog AND for the link. I promise to check out your blog, too!

Yes, Joan Armatrading deserves to be more well-known in the U.S. I hope she is still singing.


Chlorian Theoreticus October 22, 2009 at 4:56 pm

Thank you!

Yes, she is still singing. She is touring Europe in 2010.
.-= Chlorian Theoreticus´s last blog ..Obama and the Dalai Lama =-.

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