Yo! Krauthammer! Jonah Goldberg! Palin would be a better president RIGHT NOW than Obama ever will be

by CynthiaYockey on July 10, 2009

I posted my most recent “Fire David Letterman” kit on Friday, July 3, around 3 pm, and then saw something in my newsfeed (look to your right on this page) at Michelle Malkin’s site about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin having a news conference at that moment, possibly to announce her resignation. Gah!

I immediately wrote a post, “Palin for President in 2012,” which I believe was the first on the Web taking that position. Then I took Charles Krauthammer* and Jonah Goldberg to task for their statements that week — Krauthammer on TV and Goldberg at National Review Online — saying that Gov. Palin needed to study up to be considered presidential material. Given what an ignoramus Obama was and is and the fact that he is totally an affirmative action president while Gov. Palin has a long career of astounding achievements, these statements ignored so many facts that they were manifest examples of the delusional stage of Palin Derangement Syndrome. So, I think I also was the first to point out that Gov. Palin would be a better president RIGHT NOW than Obama will ever be.

However, Prof. William Jacbson has applied his considerable powers of analysis to the thesis that Gov. Palin would be a better president RIGHT NOW than Obama will ever be, and taken it much farther than I did. He writes:

If Palin were President, we would not have:

  • A debt and deficit rising so far out of proportion to historical norms as to threaten the near-and-long term viability of the country’s ability to service the debt without destroying the value of the dollar, and passing on to our children and grandchildren unsustainable burdens.
  • A stimulus package filled with pork and giveaways to political constituencies, pushed through under false and fraudulent claims of job creation, and exaggerated claims of immediate economic disaster which themselves hurt the markets, in a process so disgusting that not a single Representative or Senator read the bill before voting.
  • Health care proposals which are wolves in sheep’s clothing, using a seemingly benign “public option” to drive out private insurers, to increase the percentage of people dependent on the government, and eventually to obtain the “one nation, one plan” nationalization of health care which is the holy grail of Obama and his left-wing supporters.
  • A “cap-and-trade” proposal which seeks to regulate and tax the most fundamental aspects of the economy based upon the pure hubris that bureaucrats in Washington are capable of knowing what is best for individual businesses, and arising from disputed science as to the existence and causes of global warming, while proponents like Al Gore stand ready to make fortunes from “trading” carbon credits.
  • A foreign policy which strong-arms allies such as Israel and Honduras, while paying deference to enemies such as Hugo Chavez and Mahmood Ahmadinejad, and which denigrates the U.S. by showing subservience to foreign rulers and by distorting the historical role of the U.S.
  • An energy policy which increases our current dependence of foreign oil by locking up domestic resources, in the speculative hope that someday, somehow, alternative energy sources will make up the difference.
  • The use of federal government power to bully the private sector into giving up property rights in favor of unions and other political supporters of the administration, rather than letting the rule of law work in the normal fashion in auto industry bankruptcy proceedings, as happened with other industries that restructured.

An administration spinning out of control because of the same disease which characterizes all central planners; the false sense that central government is best suited to make decisions for individuals. And add to it the hubris of the political classes, the people who cannot fathom that anyone without the proper degrees or who isn’t articulate lacks intelligence or common sense. By the time Obama figures out how to use the brakes, it will not matter.

Please go on over to Prof. Jacobson’s site and read the whole thing, because, while I am quoting most of the post, I did not copy all 31 links to sources in the material above, which support his assertions. Also, there is always treasure over there — your time will be well-invested (first I wrote “well-spent,” but really, you reap a handsome return, so “well-invested” is more accurate).

By the way, I happen to agree with Prof. Jacobson’s commenters who say that Obama is destroying the U.S. economy on purpose, not out of ignorance. I believe he is setting the stage for his own Enabling Act and setting his fires in the Reichstag in our economy. Because Obama and the Democratic-majority Congress want to lift all those terrible burdens of liberty from your back. They say it isn’t liberty that makes you free — arbeit macht frei!

*I checked the post I’m referring to and I was too tired to link Krauthammer that day because I’d just finished working several hours on the “Fire David Letterman” kit post, plus I had to move on to other chores. I’ve gone back today and added the link to Krauthammer’s July 1 statement on Fox News to that post.

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Peter July 10, 2009 at 6:56 pm

Don’t forget that Teh Won is also trying to cripple America’s ability to project power. His brilliant idea of cutting our number of launchers to five hundred means five hundred missiles, cruise missiles and bombers capable of carrying nukes. This includes the B52s that did the yoemen’s work dropping smart bombs on the bad guys in Iraq and Afghanistan before we had airfields close in.

If we can’t drop smart bombs on bad guys and we can’t slip a conventional warhead through the bad guy’s dining room window because we need our cruise missiles for nukes, what’s left? Surrender or nukes.

Gary Ogletree July 11, 2009 at 3:50 pm

What galls is that Charles and Jonah are so right so much of the time. Their ignorance about Palin is astounding. I wonder if Charles resents her because he is so aware of what a great president he would be. Palin is a country bumpkin upstart, a mushroom like Gaius Marius to the patricians of republican Rome, a dimwit who can’t speak proper Greek (his Greek was as good as anybodies’), how dare he aspire to be consul when Rome is full of men from the best families, like ME, for example. I suspect there is a lot of that going on in the Beltway.

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