Mr. Cellophane looks right through them and never knows their names

by CynthiaYockey on June 20, 2009

Mr. Cellophane is visible to the women in his league, who pine because he looks right through them.

I had that thought quite awhile ago, but it came to mind again because I was listening to Samantha Who? in the kitchen just now while I was doing the dishes and actress Melissa McCarthy’s character, Dena, talked about her dog, Mr. Cellophane. I loved the cast and characters of Samantha Who?, especially Christina Applegate, who played Samantha; Jean Smart, who played Samantha’s mother; Jennifer Esposito, who played Samantha’s evil friend, Andrea; and McCarthy. The premise that an amnesiac can come back as a nicer person and have some cleaning up of her past to do was creative and poignant. Something similar happened to our veterinarian’s son, who was a very young child in the 1965 when we first began to bring our animals to be treated by his father. (What can I say? We live in a small town and are loyal.) He was a forest ranger and thus in the forest during a storm. A bolt of lightning hit a tree and a good chunk of it fell on him.

Ironically, I hear thunder nearby and it has just started to pelt down rain, so that’s it for now.

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