Obama shows his total opposition to gay equality with DOMA brief

by CynthiaYockey on June 12, 2009

As soon as I knew about Obama’s 20-year allegiance to his pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, his Muslim up-bringing in Indonesia, his ties to the Muslim world and his support of illegal immigration — all groups that hate homosexuals and most of whom feel entitled to kill us, and some of whom believe they are obligated to do so — I knew that none of his promises of support to the gay community could be true. He would take our money and our work and our votes, then oppose our equality to appease these groups — the ones he really supports.

Through Instapundit’s link to AMERICAblog today, I learned that Obama has filed a brief in support of the Defense of Marriage Act in Smelt v. USA that is the most devastating attack on the movement of equality for lesbians and gays ever. AMERICAblog analyzes the brief and explains its consequences here. They are wrong about one thing, though: George W. Bush advanced homosexual equality when he signed the Worker, Retiree and Employer Recovery Act of 2008 (WRERA), which makes it mandatory for an employer to roll over retirement benefits to a same-sex partner in the event of an employee’s death. GayAgenda explains:

Prior to the law, employers could decline the benefit and surviving same-sex partners would have to pay an inheritance tax on the deceased partner’s retirement savings. As you know, legally married heterosexual couples automatically avoid that tax penalty.

For more about WRERA, see Gay Patriot here.

BTW, the most heart-felt praise and gratitude expressed toward Pres. Bush that I read during his final days in office were from the gay centrist Democrats at HillBuzz here.

Obama’s Motion to Dismiss Marriage case

Towleroad has more (but really, guys, white type on black IS HARD TO READ!).


This is different than the case fighting for marriage equality for homosexuals filed by the Bush v. Gore attorneys, Theodore Olson, a conservative, and David Boies, a liberal. They filed Perry v. Schwarzenegger in federal court in May with the intent of taking the case before the U.S. Supreme Court. I described that case and gave a link to the brief here.

Thank you, Attila, dear: See “Obama Throws Gays/Lesbians Way, Way Under the Bus.”


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